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Mar 2, 2002
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How many high cal. rifles do you have ?
OK I probably dont have as many as most people do but here they are.
Savage .300 win mag
Savage .270
Remington .270
CVA .54 cal blackpowder ;)
I have a .270 , 300 win mag and a .243 Im getting ready to get an a-bolt probablly in a 7mm-08 or a 25-06
A number of pistols!
A couple 12 ga
like Delw. from 22 up to 300 wetherby.[The last being my favorite]
Two machine bows, one recurve and three take down yew long bows made by Jay StCharles. very very nice bows......
None!! I'am still shopping for a good, slightly used,"cheap" McMillan 50 BMG!! :D -memtb
no pistols, two .22, two shotgun,7m.m., 300 win mag,three model 94 .30-.30, one .44mag lever action,one .357 lever action, one .50 muzzle loader. and two recruves. Of all these weapons I love my recurves the best.
More than I need, fewer than I want:

Rem 700BDL - .270Win
Browning BLR81 - .308Win
Browning A Bolt - .30-06
Browning A Bolt - 7mm RemMag
Browning BAR - 7mm RemMag
HOWA 1500 - .30-06
Weatherby Vanguard - 7mm-08
Weatherby Vanguard - 7mm RemMag

The Remington 700 and Browning BLR are the only two I purchased. The rest were raffle prizes I won at various fund-raising dinners (mostly DU).

The Rem700 in .270Win is my essential hunting rifle. Used over the last 24 years to take Whitetail deer (15), Black bear (1), Elk (1), Mule deer (1), and dozens of ruffed grouse. Wearing a Leupold 2x-7x, most all factory ammo will group at less than 1" at 100yds and around 1.5" at 200yds.

After going through number of factory loadings, I finally found one that will produce the same results in my A-Bolt .30-06. So, a couple of years ago I started carrying it in the field once in a while - the .270 is starting to look its age - and have used it to collect two Whitetails.

Picked up the BLR earlier this winter on a whim (got a good price on this lightly used little gem) and have actually found the time to fool around with it a little bit. My first experience shooting with open sights ... and sorta think I might like to try out this little beauty during the Minnesota deer season this fall. Most of my opportunities range from about 10 to 70 yards, with 20 to 25 being the norm.

The three 7mmMags have never been fired. Hoping to draw another Elk license one of these days, so I'm starting to think about taking them off the shelf. Picked up a new Leupold 3x-9x for one of the 7mmMags - just haven't decided which one will get to wear it.

The other two finally were allowed to go to the range with me a couple times last fall to see if they could shoot. Decent groups with the HOWA right of the bat ... and after some experimenting finally got the 7mm-08 to shoot some really nice groups. It may well get to go in the field with me this fall, too.

On the other hand, my Rem700 in .270Win shoots so well - and I have confidence in it ..... so who knows?

- rgl

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Ruger M77 II in .338 Win Mag is the only centerfire rifle I own. I do have a .22 pistol and rifle, a 20ga. 870, a 12ga Mossberg 9200, Knight ML, Traditions ML pistol, and my dad has left his Marlin MR-7 in 30-06 with me to use.
Remington 700 ADL, .30-06, 3.5x10x40 Leuopold VariXIII scope, Harris bipod, 3 lb. trigger. Veteran of 18 seasons. I shouldn't ever "need" another one. I'll give it up when they pry my cold, dead fingers off of it... :D

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been experimenting with the 243, got 4063fps with a 55 gr bullet,
also have 280 rem in win mod 70 featherweight
300 win mag,
and my prize posession is my pre 64 mod 70 30 06, that was my late fathers.
2 shot guns, win mod 97 16 guage
mossburg utlimag 835,
3 22's
2 nine mils

And of course my grizzly bear gun, DAISY RED RIDER!!! :D
well lets see
3 30.06 win , savage an rem.
5 22. 1 rem 4 marlins
2 3030 win , marlin
2 rem 870 12 ga
1 mosberg 835
stevens 410
win mod. 1200
ruger 10/22
ruger 44. mag pistol
i think that all
.280 win, 30-06, .308, .300 savage, 7mm wthby mag, .243, .257 wthby mag, a few 28 guages, a few 20 guages, a few 12's, one 16, a few .410's, couple 22's, etc......
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