How Do You shoot your bow?!??!


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Dec 9, 2000
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If you look in the Fireside under my "Swazi Post Thanxs Dave" post you will se me holding my bow with my hand open. I shoot this way and Let it fall out after I release the trigger. I find I don't "JERK" it that way.

I also Anchor my right thumb behind my head so I can Anchor very still and the "****" vien in the corner of my mouth so I anchor the same each time... (No jokes please

How do you shoot your bow and Why?!?!?!

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When I draw my bow my hand is open then I close my hand so my fingers toouch the front of the grip. for my anhcor the string touchs the front of my nose with my feathers in the corner of my mouth. Nice slow release anf off she goes.
Im right handed and i shoot with a slight bend in my left elbow with a loose almost open left hand, finger tips barley touching slightly high wrist grip.I hold the bow straight out in front of me and draw straight back with as minimal movement as possible during the draw.I anchor my hand right along my jaw bone and split my nose with the string, then let'er fly!

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Thumb behind neck, and nose touching the string, then jerk the release, grip bow tightly, and watch the arrow careen wildly into space...swear at myself, then try again, a little more smoothly, with grip hand open.
I leave my hand open and I make sure that my fingers are pointing right where I want to hit. Then I anchor with a kisser button in my mouth,\ (actually put it on my right canine tooth) and my thumb against my jaw. These thwo along with a peep help me MAKE SURE that I am anchored in the same place.
..left hand holds bow loosely..I shoot w/ 2 fingers on string. Index (top)finger is in corner of mouth, left eye closed,align string w/ sightpin, release as slightly exhaling.
I used to shoot with an opened bow hand and anchored my thumb behind my neck. Couple years ago I went to Bernie Pellerite's shooting school. Since then I now have a more relaxed bow hand, my fingers are are totally relaxed and slightly curled. I also changed my anchor. I keep my thumb relaxed on the post of my release instead of behind my neck. I anchor with the knuckle of my index finger just behind the angle of my jaw. I thought I was getting a smooth release with my thumb behind my neck, but after changing, I can definately tell my release is now smoother. Tried the back tension. I can see where it would work well for target shooters but I think more along the line of bowhunting when you have to select when to shoot as oposed to letting the shot surprise you.
Open bow hand with lifeline down the grip. Anchor with string splitting my nose and my index finger's first knuckle set at the bottom of my earlobe. I come to full draw at least 50% of the time with my eyes closed. This helps me feel real comfortable because when I open my eyes, I very rarely need to adjust for the peep alignment.

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I do it open handed, and use a release. I have got to where i can hit real good at 20 yards, and within a foot pattern at 30 yards. Guess I need to practice!hehehe bcat

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