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Hey Idaho Mule Deer Hunters


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Oct 11, 2003
T Falls, MT
After close to 30 years of not hunting, my dad's starting to get the fever again. He would like to do a back pack Mule Deer hunt in Idaho along with myself. Idaho seems like the best choice to get guarenteed non resident tags. It also opens mid September for a high mountain hunt. He's not in the best shape, but is working on it.

We are thinking about hunting unit 20, off the Macruder Corridor road. I've spent time hunting and hiking west of Bargamin Creek about 10 years ago. It was crowded then. We were thinking about hunting the area east of Bargamin Creek, maybe Salmon Mt area? Good area for mulies? Lots of hunters?

Any general information would be appreciated. Thanks Paul

Get a 1/2 mile off the road in Idaho, and you are in a great spot. Then it is just a matter of glassing for the one you want.

The area you are proposing would not be my first thought, but I think it would be interesting.

What is the priority? Backpacking, killing ANY deer, or killing a 30" buck?

My dad would probably pass on just any buck. Of more interest would be to have a good hunt in some senic country. He would prefer to hunt more open country and basins, than in the timber. A 30 incher would be frosting, and just knowing that he might exist, is all that matters.

One of the problem with the early September hunts is the heat, and if you do kill, you have the race against spoilage. That kinda keeps you from getting too many days in from the Trailhead.

You might call the Biologist in Eastern Idaho, and pick his brain. Send me a PM, and I'll give you his name. I just think there might be better places for the hunt you are describing.

There are some Awesome controlled hunts that you could apply for, and fall back on the General season tag, if not drawn. Some of the Units around Sun Valley could be awesome if you get drawn. And then there are the trophy units like 45 and Owyhees....

I know of some good Mulies that have come off the North side of the Salmon, but not that many. I think you are just looking for an excuse to go look at Bighorns....

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You got me pegged, and my dad is a bit of a sheep freak as well. Getting a deer is not the number one priority for this hunt. The overall experience is top priority. If it's to warm to reasonably get the meat out, he'ld just as soon let it walk. I picked this area because the trail head starts high, and follows the ridges out to the Salmon. Lot's of side canyons and basins to glass as well. Should be doable for a mid 60, out of shape flatlander, don't you think? I want to pick an area will be enjoyable for him to hunt, and not turn it into a death march. Appreciate all your help. Thanks Paul
You should be fine then with your choice. You won't get much for private competiton back there, and the Outfitters don't seem to be too agressive selling those Mule deer hunts.

If you are willing to look at Desert sheep instead of Bighorns, the Owyhees have much better Mulies...
Hey Gunner, you got a pm. I am sorta in the same shoes as BHR, but already know I want to hunt somewhere between Stanley and the desert.??

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