Hey George.....


Apr 16, 2001
how many ya feedin now?Was thinkin your kennel must be full.Wont be long now man.I've seen more bears here this spring and summer than I ever remember seein,and thats been just ridin on tar roads. ;) How ya gonna handle huntin for 2 mths with a celebrity? :D :D
I am humbled to say the least Mainiac !!! I hope he doesnt try and boss me around much !!
Got 8 dogs now .Most I have evr had.7"broke" dogs and a just turned one pup.Treed a bear today with a friend in Vermont.Or should I say his dogs treed a bear and mine went along for the ride !!! I only had one and my pup who had never even smelles a bear before.
His lead dog is as good as the best I have ever seen,all around.I think my Spot dog would have given him a run for his money on a running or fighting bear. Hes not the rig dog this guys dog is though.
My pup made it into the tree and he walked in a young pup of his.Pulled the older dogs back and the bear came out.Had the 2 pups about 10 feet from the tree.They freaked out when they saw the bear come out.
Soon as the bear jumped both dogs flew at it.They probably took it for about 10 or 15 minutes alone.My pup has a super mouth(I had never heard her before)and was opening real good on it.His pup is real young but went right along.That is the ultimate way to get a dog started ,in my book anyway.Course you have to tree the bears first !!Made my day to see her act like that.It gives you a little encouragement,you know.Reminded me of Tobeys Ranger dog last season.They walked a bear for an hour or so,with Ranger right on it, before treeing it.When that bear was shot out it was like a light going on that dogs head.
My buddy is 8 out of 9 bears treed so far this year.Last year I think he went 58 out of 62 bears they ran !!
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