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Now that's a strange looking critter. It looks alot like a dingo, or maybe a coydog?
Good thing your PM photo doesn't show much blood or huge-ass hole in the side of it. Wouldn't want anyone to draw the conclusion that you actually KILLED that thing, right?

I think that thing is a weasel-coyote mix. Classic signs of it, I've seen it before. I bet a close-up of the teeth would show indications of rodent-like incisors.

In fact, a buddy of mine killed a 74-lb weasoyote a couple years ago. No, we didn't have a scale, but it just seemed to heft just a tad lighter than an 80-lb bag of mortar mix.

Actually, I'd tell you that we killed 256 of them in 4 hours once, but you guys probably wouldn't believe me but we did it!
I think BalaPlata is 1/2 right.

Still wondering about the other 1/2.

Which could possibly be a lean, summertime, Arizona mutt.

Funny how slick and shiny the fur is.

The last summer pup I shot was not that slick and shiny. I guess the arid country had more to offer.
TBone, I think you may be on to something. If I'da known that it'd be setting records for the ugliest coyote, I would have been more inclined to skin it.

Ahh well.
W@W, yes, because even if it is just for conversation purposes or as a party-starter, you have put it to some kind of use.

Hey, Red Plate of Bull Chili:
Is it okay to shoot a coyote-mix in the summer if it is obvious that its fur will never amount to anything?
"Looks like a lean,summer time,Arizona coyote to me"

I'm curious how many "lean, summer time Arizona coyotes you've seen. Because, this doesn't look like ANY coyote I've seen, anywhere, anytime. So, was that analysis pulled from the ole rectal database? C'mon.. you can tell us.
Wolverine, your challenge to BalaPlata is totally uncalled for. He simply made a TRUE statement and no harm was done by it. He does have a right to respond, and he did so, and what he said is the truth. I really don't understand your post to him.

Having said that, I will say this; Bala is one of the most respected coyote hunters anywhere, any day. If you only get the opportunity to SEE 3% of the coyotes he has put in front of gun barrel, you better consider yourself very lucky.

If I were you, I would edit your post, or better yet, delete it. Show a little respect might help as well.
Oh, GEEZ, Bruce, you're not telling us what to do AGAIN, are you?

With all due respect, respect should be earned, don't you think?
Check out one of BalaPlata's recent posts and tell me if it is respectful:

Member # 1591
posted 08-03-2003 16:05
WOW!!!! What a thread, this is the kind of thing the rest of the predator boards have been lacking in! The real meat and potatoes of what it is we are about! I would suggest one more addition to your pics. Lets see the ones you snapped after the kill; you know, the ones with your britches down around your ankles, your tally-wacker in hand, that shit eatin grin as your about to sink the pink in whats left of your prey. You guys hide your bloody skivies from momma when you get home after the hunt, so she doesn't ask what the hell you were doing out in the bush for three days? It's so refreshing to see blown up animals, viscera,happy grins on yer faces.....you all should be quite proud....your a real credit to our fraternity

Chili-Red Silver Bullet may be a great coyote hunter, but he's been acting like a real prick on these boards. That's JUST about all he's been doing. Over on PM, he even tells people to expect a rish of shat if you post such-and-such kind of posts that go against his way of thinking. Well, bummer if SilverBalls gets a little on himself in return.
(not only that, but I can't believe he actually hunts doves--- woulda thought that was beneath him)
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Oh, GEEZ, Bruce, you're not telling us what to do AGAIN, are you?
Tbone, what are you trying to tell me with that statement?
Bruce, my comment was simply that thus far, this seems to be quite an anomaly, and that passing it off as a "lean,summer time,Arizona coyote" is just a tad on the ridiculous side. I defy him to come out and find me another one like it. His post gave the impression that this is a run-o-the-mill summer coyote. While my comment, "was that analysis pulled from the ole rectal database?", may not have been the most tactfull way to approach it, I'm still interested in what experience he's had that would lead him to this conclusion.

As a "well respected" hunter of AZ residence, I'll ask you the same question, how many have you seen of this size and appearance? I would tend to lend more creedence to the comments of someone I know has been hunting in AZ for any amount of time. I believe that you'll agree when I say that this is a pretty rare looking coyote, and that passing it off as common is misleading.
Bruce: Nothing really.

I don't think BlueChillyBalls needs any support from you. He BBQ's up a pretty healthy shat steak, let him eat most of it himself.
I have a great deal of respect for both Bruce Kennedy and Vic Carlson. I think we are lucky to have them as members here. T-bone, why don't you log in with your real name if you want to point fingers at someone? How many aliases do you have? Wolverine, I can't understand a reason for you have such a smartass response to such a straightforward answer. I think maybe you should go back and edit your response. Thanks,
BTW guys, the term "pulling it outa the ole rectal database" is a jovial term of endearment amongst IT folks. It shouldn't have been taken as an insult/challenge at all. You'll pardon my unannounced use of programmer slang in mixed company.
Maybe the pictures don't do it justice. But I kill alot of summer time coyotes, and thats damn sure what it looks like to me. I shot a dog coyote the other day in Wyoming that looked alot like the pics posted. He had been helping raise a litter of pups so he was a little on the thin side, and the pups had chewed almost all the hair off of his tail and it's been hotter than hell up here and wintertime hair hadn't started yet. Oh and for those that don't know, a dog coyote is a male, a female is called a bitch.
Wolverine, point well taken. That is a coyote pup and when it gets bigger and puts on weight and with fur, it will look much like a "real coyote."

Take care.
Cal, good to hear that this thing wasn't dropped off by Elvis on his last visit from space. Although I would find it a little disconcerting if this guy wandered all the way here from Wyoming. (he didn't take THAT long to come to the call)

Bruce, that's what I was thinking when I downed him. He had the proportions of a pup, but weighed an est. 25+ lbs and tooth wear leaned toward 2 years or more. That's what got Robb/Scottsdale and I pondering it in the first place.

Wolverine, this is a picture I took on the 22nd, of a coyote in the street in front of my home. This looks alot like the coyote you shot.

Take care.
Appears that even moderators can become "starstruck", even by dull planets ?

The PM link described that "pup" as over 25 lbs. Tooth wear also an excellent indicator and somewhat visible in the photos.

Seems even a 30lb coyote, sans fur and skin has the same sleek look as the photo above ?

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