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Heard A Good One Today


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Sep 23, 2002
This past week four guys from around my area went archery hunting elk near Carbondale, Colorado. They had two mules to get them in the back country and also use them to pack out meat. One of the guys loaded his hunting gear on one of the mules and headed back into the moutains. After traveling 2 to 3 miles the mule bucked him off. The guy got pissed off, picked up a rock, threw the rock, hit the mule in the head and killed it. He now had to gather his gear and head back down the mountain to their camp.

The next day the other mule got pissed, kicked one of the guys in the leg and broke his ankle. They had to take him to the hospital in Glenwood Springs to have a cast put on the ankle.

They were out there 4 or 5 days and only got to hunt 1/2 day. Needless to say, they were unsuccessful.
Man I hope peta dont get wind of that. They'll turn it into a conspiracy. Thet will be demanding that hunters dont use mules. HAHAHA
ROGERDOGER.. YEH.. Especially me.. HAHAHA !!! NOT !!!! Sux when things go Arrie !!! HAppens to everyone every now and then
BUT, I never threw a rock at a horse before and killed it
Thanks for the story RogerDodger.

I don't know what kind of response you wanted but like Moosie said this was to be expected. Unlike other sites we always have a smart ass reply to everything but none of us take it personal. :confused:

But if you have to go

Jeez, Moosie. Always complaining that the guests won't register and post....then you run them off first chance you get! :rolleyes: ;)

That was a pretty funny story.

Hey Roger dont leave after just four posts, get to know us first. We do have a mixed sort here, but there are a bunch of fine folks on here. We do have a lot of fun and you have to be able to take a ribbing. :D
GAWD DAWG !!!! MAN, I'm an ASS ? Is that like a Mule ? MAN... I packed alot of game out of the hills.... GLAD no-one from Kansas threw a rock at my head :D :D

AND... I hear people from Cali actually shoot mules and tag then as ELK..... SO, if you were from California you could have taken the tag and Went to Fish and game, they accept Mules as ELK there....(To equally offend Rick from CALI ;))

Moral of your story I guess is don't throw a rock and kill your meat packer or you'll have to pack your own MEAT ?!?!?!
Have you seen that video where a guy goes into a pasture to squat and dump? He gets his pants down and it turns on the mule in the pasture, who was a male. The rest of the video is the guy, holding his pants, trying to hold off the mule/donkey, he looses though, the donkey gets him down, then it ends. Its a donkey story, but I think throwing a rock at a donkey and killing it on an elk hunt beats this story. The guy had to go, the donkey was lonely, but why would you throw a rock at a mule's head? I'm glad they all made it back ok. Was he trying to get him to go or just pissed or what? It seems like you might loose your hunting gear that way too.
LOLOL!.to answer your question Elky..memebership is full..didn't you know! The Moose Man is over his carrying capacity for members so the FCC told him he gad to unload a few! :eek:

Not Really RidgerDoger!..just joshing you!...don't run off......some of the guys who get pissed on their first posts turn out to be some of our best members! ;) .....try another story and give us a second crack at it! :cool:
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