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freak whitetail buck (pic)


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Sep 22, 2003
Lostine Oregon
Are you sure that is a Whitey skull? I've seen a few Muleys that looked similar. As for death, I think that he was sick and he was an early winter kill.

nope, its a whitey, it was purty fresh when i found it, had tail, hide, whole body. etc... and by the way, whitetails are quite common above timberline here, i have seen them at nearly 10,000 feet before, u might have trouble believing that, but it is true for shure.
Last year I saw white tails above the timeber line in Anaconda...
I will be heading up the hills in a week or so and seing if I can spot any again...
They are around 2000 feet above the vally floor...That is a very cool rack the way it is bent over and all..
Are there alot of whitetails in Oregon? I have heard stories about people seeing whitetails in extreme northern Kalifornia. Are the whitetails spreading south towards northern Kalifornia? I have always hunted mule deer and blacktails. Never saw a whitetail around here myself. I hear white tails are alot more prolific than a muledeer.
Theres a few whitetails dispearsed in north east OR, about as south as I have seen them is La Grande. Long ways from Calif.
i live in lostine, wich is in wallowa county about ohhh... hmmmm bout 50 miles from lagrande, there are shtloads of whiteys in this valley, and ther grande ronde, the give out whitey only cull tags, and i shoot one every year, u every been to lagrande, i go there bout 2 times a week, and my dad works up in the mountains logging over there!
From what I've read,there are about three states in the lower 48 that dont have a whitetail population.They are Calif,Nevada,and Arizona.The whitetail deer has been expanding its population year after year and may soon be found in all the 48 states.The whitetail has been pushing the mulies out and are supposed to be more aggressive.I believe it!!

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