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Found some more bone today (PICS)


Feb 18, 2002
Went shed hunting again for awhile before the wind picked up. We found a few, nothing big but we did manage to find a set of 2x2 sheds and a set of 4x4 sheds.

Here is the 4x4 set:


And here is most of the sheds in the back of the truck. The 4 pt set was fresh along with 2 of the elk sheds.


If u would like to see pics of most the sheds we have found in 2003 just click below,

2003 Shed Antlers

Hope u enjoy the pics...
Way to go YO deerhunter. Looks like you have had some good luck this year collecting bones.

Hopefully I will be in Region H this fall, so if you could locate some good ones for me I would appreciate it.

Have a good one.
You are doing very well, I have been in the hills a few times now, and haven't found one yet. Middle of last week, we did see two little rag horns in some timber that were still wearing their head gear...
I am not sure what to think, as there is a farm that raises elk, next to the freeway betwix Meridian and Nampa. Last year's spikes still have their headgear. And other Bulls already have new velvet growing, with branches visible from the freeway, at 65mph.

What causes last year's antlers to fall off, they quit growing, and die? or does next year's horns push the old ones off?

They quit growing and die,Elkhunter.While we're on the subject,what species of antlered game has both male and females antlered
Elkgunner, when an animals testosterone gets really high, they rut. After the rut the testosterone levels drop dramatically and thus leads to the antlers falling off. That is why bigger bulls will lose their antlers before a spike typically will, because we all know spikes get as much pu$$y as ELKCHSR.

Seldom, your answer is caribou.

I guess I am in the wrong section. I am planning on hunting deer near Pinedale if I draw. I have never hunter there before, but one of the biologists up here used to work there and will be able to help me out. I also plan to make a scouting trip in August if I am drawn.

Last year I sent in for 100, but with 9% odds I thought I would try elsewhere.
Hey Elkgunner, I have seen those Elk on the freeway there by Nampa. What do you say the next time I am in the area we go up there and see if one of them bulls wants to go home with us? LOL. How many is he up to now?

There are a couple of nice bulls there, with racks growing forward and backward. My guess is 16" from browtine to back end of main beam. I have a hard time looking, as I always seem to be driving, and we are getting so damn much traffic in this valley, that it is not safe to drive 75 and count tines on elk.

I got plenty of wire cutters, and I can get a halter that I loaned Moosie, and we can just lead them away from the pen one night....
"Honest Officer, we are just taking him for a walk...."
Ya I hear ya brother!! I saw them there several years ago.. then Jan 03 I showed em to my G-friend at 70mph Hard to tell how big. I got a halter............and a bow! LOL

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