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Fixing wavy fletchings!!!


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Nov 28, 2001
Fix Wavy Vanes Without Refletching
Plastic vanes are great, but one of their drawbacks is the tendency become wavy if the fletchings are coming in contact with your rest, or if you shoot through your target. While it's good to know if your fletchings are coming in contact with your rest, it's also a pain to have to refletch every time you get a wavy vane. Believe it or not, these wavy vanes often can be straightened with a hot hair dryer. Put a hair dryer on its hottest setting and heat up your wavy vanes. Often they will straighten up in the hot air and be good as new.
How did you know I had a question about wavy fletches :D
I noticed this week-end some of my arrow have that problem.
I just bought some new arrows that were flecthed. Now im not sure if its thoses or my older one that are wavy.
How bad is it to use them like that?
The group I was shooting with said my arrows were leaving my rest and doing some strange spiral ,I wasnt sure if it was my shooting or something with my Bow or Arrows.
Steve said it shouldnt matter that much ,I think he could be wrong LOL
I sure would like to be able to blame my shooting on wavy fletches :D :D
I read how to check to see if its hitting the rest,and I havent ever paper tuned my bow.
I think I need get some help and get busy.
The group I shot with kicked my butt bad this week-end.
Thanks for the tip,it couldnt of come at a better time.
Wavy fletchings shouldn't have that much of an effect at all. The fletchings flex in flight so their shape before release isn't all that important. However, if they are hitting your rest you need to change something, because that can have a huge effect. Often times just rotating the nock a little bit can cure this problem if you're using a shoot through rest.
1 Pointer nailed it! the reason the vanes are getting wavy is the most important thing! i usually have few arrows blow through my targets and get the vanes all twisted and such and all i do is like elkchaser suggested is use a hair dryer straighten them out as best as possible then i tend to use those for stump shooting or hogs! im weird but every hunt starts with a full quiver of new arrows! :D any black marks is a good indicator the clearence is an issue!
Thanks for the info.
I wont tell Steve I doubted his word :D
With the mighty poundage I shoot ;) blowing through the target usually isnt a problem.
I check to make sure my fletches and nocks and lined up right. ( is that called timed?)
So I guess I need to check and see if they are hitting on my rest?
I will be getting out the hair dryer & looking over my stuff real good.
The other guy's are right. I shoot what ever I have. Some times There is only 1 fletch left. It still hit's the target. Maybe not perfect. The reason I knew you were wondering is because great minds think alike and I knew some thing was up!!LOL!! That actually comes from us being in our bunkers to long and warping our sence of reality.... :D:D:D

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