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Few deer pics, but not Deer King quality.


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Jul 7, 2001
Well I planned to get up early Saturday and find some deer with the camera. Unfortunately because of a sand volleyball/gin accident, I had a bum wheel and got off to a late start. I found quite a few deer, but since I couldn't walk further than 100 yards from the pick-up the quality was lacking. Hopefully I will be hiking next weekend. Here are a few any way.

This doe was about 1/4 from where I shot my archery buck last year. Unfortunately, she was the only one around and decided to line me up with the sun.

This morning I ran into these guys. There were 8 or 9 bucks in the group, but these were the first three I spotted.

This was the best buck in the bunch, but he was quite a distance from the road (correlation???).

Here are some more from the same bunch.

I had to include this one becasue it made me think of Moosie and his "Dream-team".

Couple more bucks from this morning. Once again, the big ones moved out before I could get my crippled ass moving.

One last trophy before I go.

I am looking forward to using this camera more and I know that it will take better quality than what these pics represent. All of the above photos were digital zoomed and the camera resting on my window glass.
looks good miller, but where are the LOPE pictures LOL. The pictures looks good, seems like the color saturation is off a little though.
So, who's team are you on? Would have called you but got recruited before i even knew what the heck i was being asked for! this will give me a reason to shoot a few does at least.
Yeh, I need to learn how to use the damn camera now.

By the way, do I get bonus points if I set you up on a P&Y goat? ;) You ass-kissin' Moosie lover. :D

I did see the airplane 'lope that I posted a couple of months ago. It was tough to see how much he had grown and all I had was were my binos at 500+ yards.

I did run into the guy leasing the deeded (where I saw the goat) and he said to give him a call this week if I am still interested in hunting this buck. There are only a few bucks in this area, but he is a good one. I will scout out a better area, numbers wise, the next couple of weeks.
Originally posted by mtmiller:

By the way, do I get bonus points if I set you up on a P&Y goat? ;) You ass-kissin' Moosie lover. :D

Yea, hey for the record, he kissed my ass. Not that it matters, any team with me on it is gonna win with my 10 doe, 350 bull, SCi oryx and hogs. And i forgot that airplane lope.
Wishful thinking schmalts! :D


Looks like the camera is treating you well. I like the Dream Team buck, though the last one would fit the description better. Keep the pics coming.
Took these with the new camcorder. Not bad pictures but still crappy since its a camcorder rather that a camera. I wonder when they will make a Camcorder take better quality pictures.
Think a guy could get an arrow in one of these?
Hey Ovis, that last dream team deer is good for the table, and for points! allthough i dont think i could bring myself to tug it off mama'a tit after i killed both of em

Am I the only one that noticed what appears to be a bullet hole in the left ear of the spike? (Moosie's Dream-Team buck) Moosie have you been out there trying to get an early start?

On a more serious note why in the world would someone try to poach that buck??? Then again maybe that bullet hole is from last year.

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