Enormous Kudu waiting for your visit


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Jun 21, 2001
Rural Wa. State/ Ellisras South Africa
If we can find him again!

The hunter I had with me did not want to spend the money on the trophy fee. I just about said I would loan it to him. However I know plenty of guys who would love to have the chance at him next year when our season begins again. We are done hunting for this year and this big bull will be waiting for us! Any guesses as to how big this bruiser will be?

JJ, Do Kudu shed thier horns annually like most antelope do?? Any chance of finding sheds from that monster?? He will certainly be at least a triple curl by next year..


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No antelope shed their horns, only deer shed antlers. The Pronghorns of the USA shed their horns but they are not antelope they are goats. They are also the only horned animal in the world that shed horns to my knowledge.

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The trophy fee for a Kudu as an added animal is $1250.00. However when buying into a package hunt they are included in the 4500.00 price with 4 other animals and ten days hunting.

In the package hunt the price is much less as the daily fee alone is 2000.00 which leaves 2500.00 for the 5 animals. Simple math makes the trophy fees 500 per animal average when hunting with my package option.
JJ - that's kinda what I thought you had said before, so the trophy fee problem threw me. I guess he had already taken his five animals, or was he not on "package" hunt? That price is not bad for that big a kudu!
Wow is that ever good, I,m guessing him at 58"-60" no idea how much they grow in a year.
JJ- That bull must be at least a 60 incher. My guess would be in region of 64 inches. To the guy that asked about 3 curls, kudu seldom if ever achieve more than 2.5 curls. I live in Africa and has seen very few that would qualify as more than 2.5 ( Have photo of a possible 3 curl kudu shot in Southern Namibia)
Nice Kudu 62" ??? He is the biggest I seen... From what I learned about Kudu is they roam from ranch to ranch, they can jump an 8' fence no problem. Same with Eland. So don't book this hunt just to shoot this Kudu, because he might be on the ranch next door...
Kudu have a small home range, they don't wander when they have females water and food. I certainly would not book a hunt for this specific bull because in all the years I hunted there for my living I had never seen him before. He won't leave our property though it's to big!