duck hunters have long season, smaller bag


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Date: August 24, 2004
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duck hunters have long season, smaller bag

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission decided on the maximum allowable duck season but trimmed the bag limit that usually goes with a long season when it met by telephone conference call August 24.

The Commission voted unanimously to set the length of the season at 107 days with two days used in the September 25-26 youth hunt. That is the maximum number of days for duck hunting allowed under the federal season framework. The federal framework allowed a bag limit of seven ducks per day but the Commission cut that number to five.

Goose hunting will run concurrently with the same bag limits as last year. Goose populations have generally continued to hold their own locally with good numbers seen in Alberta where most of Idaho's geese originate.

The outlook for ducks is less cheery. Although duck numbers remain high on a continental basis, the area of the Canadian prairie that supplies most of Idaho's northern flights suffered another year of drought. Nesting areas included in the pond index declined from 3.5 million to 2.5 million from 2003 to 2004.

Waterfowl manager Tom Hemker told the Commission that duck limits would have to be reduced to two birds per day to make a biological difference but the Commission agreed with Commissioner Marcus Gibbs of Grace that a seven-bird limit would send hunters a wrong message about the status of ducks in Idaho.

Hunters will have 105 days plus the two-day youth hunt, a maximum five ducks per day with only one of those being a hen mallard, and a 60-day pintail and canvasback season beginning at the start of hunting.

Idaho is split into two duck hunting zones that include the Southwest Region and part of the Magic Valley in one and the rest of the state in the other. The Southwest season runs from October 9 to January 21 and the rest of the state from October 2 through January 14.

The September 25-26 youth hunt is open to licensed hunters 15 years old or younger.
:rolleyes: Montana's season (tentative) Oct2nd/Jan 14th. I didn't look at the bag limit for this year, last year it was seven, different species had different limits.
Montana has two flyways, also different seasons and bag limits. Since I am in the Pacific, but only 8 miles from Central, can I kill two limits? ;)

I am not positive, but I think Central is 6 ducks and with the same species breakdown as last year.
Well in the central flyway we have been 5 mallard and one other for a long time. You guys in the Pacific Flyway just finally get to join us.

MtMiller.. We actually Hunt the Snake River bordering Oregon and Idaho. If you hunt the Islands, You cna Hunt with Either an Oregon Licence OR a Idaho Licence. I want to Hunt with an Oregon Licence AND an Idaho Licence.. Technically I should be able to Shoot 10 Birds a day (Ducks) and also 2 limits of Geese right ? 1/2 for the Idaho and 1/2 for the Oregon.

I'm guessing F&G ain't buying it though ?
Geese are flyin' pretty thick already. Local birds that haven't been shot at. I'm thinking of opening the season on the big island that sits just off the Fort Boise refuge. Same place I had to shoot them in my skivies two years ago.
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