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DS's MAD MOOSE pix!!!!!



Well, here are the well anticipated "Mad Moose" pix!
.......I'll do the slide show format so I can give "play by play". And these pix were shot with 800 film, so as not to blurr with a running moose in the frame. Many times he looks standing still, but peek at his legs as they are in motion! Enjoy!!!
As you all know, I was almost trampled to death a few weeks ago by a large bull moose, but narrowly escaped injury with only soiled shorts! otherwise unsuspecting moose feeding on willows just doing what mooses do!


uh oh.....I've been spotted!


..seems he wants to be friends, he's coming over....but what is that look in his eyes!


Oh shit, isn't that the swaggering thingy they do just before they start kicking ass...oh yeah, it is! .and he is burning a hole through me with that fire in his eyes!!!!


Oh shit!.....he's on the chrarge....COMING FULL BORE!...look at his legs, they are up and moving and this booger is fast!
The Moose is POINT Blank at this point!

moose5.jpg that I hit all 4's and crawled under a tree and caught my breathe....I circle around for another peak.....OH SHIT! he comes again!!!!!


..after about 30 minutes of showing this guy who is boss, he finally gets the message, tucks his tail, and rides off into the sunset!


.......on a more serious note, the athletes in this show were both professionals :rolleyes: ...don't try this at home, and children under the age of 12 should only antagonize moose with an adult present. No moose were killed or mamed in the making of this slide show, although one photographer was badly shaken and did shit on himself numerous times. Rutting Bull Moose should never be taken lightly!

Hope you enjoyed!

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DS.. a couple years ago I snuck in on this little bull (yeah little, probably only 900 pounds) and I heard him grunt a couple times. Ah shit, I may as well grunt back and see what he does....Oh chit!!! RUN! I could hear his feet gaining on me as I dove into my truck. Looked back and he had stopped about 10 yards short of my truck.

We hell, that wasn't bad, I'm gonna try and get some more pics of him. Oh whats that, he's rubbing his horns on a tree, I'll try that too....OH CHIT...RUNNN!!! This time he didn't stop till he was at my tailgate and I decided to let him go no his happy way!

Kinda scarry huh?!

Good Pix!
Toot I was hoping you'd post a pic of the undies youwere wearing after you crapped in them . I know I would've crapped my pants had I been in the same situation. Thanks for the up close pics of one mad moose.
Those are great, DS! Amazing that they aren't blurry! You must have stood your ground pretty well, or the 800 speed helped a lot! ;)

You are nut's !!! LOL
Good picture's.
Im heading to hunt in a area filled with moose,this picture will be stuck in my head the whole time,Thanks DS ;) ;)
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