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Dec 10, 2002
Chugiak, AK
I have an older Sierra Designs, can't remember the model, but its a little two man, I dont' think they made more than about two models back then. I think I've had it for almost 15 years now. I can't complain one bit, and I know for sure my next tent will be another one. I was really looking hard at the Clip Flashlight, this year. It's just a little bigger but weighs the same or just a little less.


My old one weighs in at about 5.0 pounds. Not to bad for a tent thats 15 years old... It is starting to show its age, but It's going to work again this year.
Thats gotta be a Zoid II alright...I use the Black Diamond "Lighthouse" and am pretty happy with it. Elk pard has a Bibler "Eldorado" for spiking. Nice tent but for the $$$$ I can buy two of mine :eek:
Hey MtMiller, You posted this Picture :


Is that a Zoid 2 ? It looks like one.

But My question to Everyone else is.. When Backpacking for Deer or Elk, What kind of tent do ya pack in ?
You know what I use , but I also have a small two man tent {cycle2} its a net wall tent and seperate fly, combined weight of this tent,fly and bivvy is only 5.5 lbs.

I mix and match depending on weather conditions.
8X8 poly-tarp, weighs about a 1lb doubles as drag sheet when it snows.[just wrap your game in it and drag, way easier.] If you don't get anything burn it in your last fire you don't have to pack it out.
I used a little piece of drop cloth on the last one....
It kept me dry thru the snow and rain, but when the wind is blowing and you are trying to set it up, you have to be -Oh- so carful so as not to tear it...
Is that a Zoid 2 ?
It is a Zoid 1. It worked well this weekend in western MT and Canada. Now it is ready for deer and elk next weekend.

Not super roomy, but as you know, I am sawed-off. Heck, one night I was in a campground teaming with deer and other campers so I forced Axl in the tent with me. There was enough room, and yes, there was a layer between us. :D
I researched out the zoids and found the Coleman Peak cobra was almost an exact copy of the zoid2 I got it on close out for 55 bucks. probably made by the same company as i was told 90% of all tents are made by a few companies in Korea
I'll be packing a cheap, chitty 3 man Coleman again this year. The tent sucks, but seems to keep me relatively dry and has plenty of room for 1 person and two if you're friendly. I'll definitely be upgrading next year.

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