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Cross your fingers for me


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
I am going to look at another horse tonight. He is a 1/2 quarter 1/2 morgan, 12 years old. Dark brown, almost black. This will be horse #4 that I am lookng at.

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Well good luck Buddy...
Fingers are major crossed, I want you to make sure you have it broke in and well practiced before hunting season comes up...
Sounds right; 12 and a half cents for a 12 year old horse! :D

Is this another addition or did you not buy the one you posted as My new ride? Good luck either way!
Russ, thanks for the major crossing. I think it helped. ;)

Funter, the last one fell through. The man backed out after a gentlemen's hand shake agreement and said someone offered him $1k more. :rolleyes:

Paws, you crack me up. :D :D

Went to see him and did a trial ride in the pasture. Real good looking horse and rides really smooth. They are going to have new shoes put on tomorrow and I am going to take him on a good ride on Friday. They said to bring my two horse trailer to make sure he will load with no problem. They want to make sure I am totally happy with him before they take any money at all. He has just had all his shots and coggins. They want him to go to someone who will ride him alot. They are not able to do that anymore and that is why they are selling him. They have another one that they will be able to give attention to. His name is Bullet and loves to ride in the hills. I think I will have a new ride on Friday.

Hope you don't get hurt again Nut. :eek:
Bullet... has your name on him Elky

He really is a beautiful horse, I'm not a horse person, but he has my name on him too....
If you don't buy him, I will... LOL.....
He's yours and you know it....
Pic's soon to follow, I forgot the camera tonight, but I have a frame ready ;)
You will have to change your screen name to some thing besides Left Behind LOL!!! :D
Elky, Good luck with this one. I know that you are lost without a mountain ride.. so giddy-up.. Let's go..

I was just thinkin'.. Elky and his trusty steed Bullet... Riding the hills of ol' Wyoming.. Sounds like it has the makings of a wonderful Horse Opera...

Elky and his trusty steed Bullet... Riding the hills of ol' Wyoming.. Sounds like it has the makings of a wonderful Horse Opera...
You got it Dan. ;)

Hahahahahaha.....You guys are too funny. I will take him out tomorrow (Friday) for a good trail ride and see how he does on steep hills, hillsides, water, mud and deadfall. If he passes, which I am sure he will, he will be coming home with me after the ride.
I hope he doesn't buck you off on one of those hillsides and leaves you stranded to walk back alone.... :eek: ;) :D :D :D
It's 1900, you going to tell us any thing, or are you still playing around with your new ride..??..

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