CO non-typical

Were you able to give the warden any more info than just that the other group was from PA?

That's just ridiculous, I mean, I could see some POS taking a sweet rack, but meat? WTF...

Great bull, glad that part worked out.
Came back Friday morning to find two hunters had taken 2 of the three meat bags. Boot prints told the story. Pretty sure I know who took them...2 hunters from I'd only seen them in the area.
Congrats on the bull.

I can't imagine being such a POS human being that I steal someone else's game meat. I would rather starve.
Awesome looking bull, love the character. The nerve of some people, its hard to believe they would have the confidence to walk out with someone else’s meat and let alone eat on it all year. How do they live with themselves?
Congrats on the bull and successful hunt.
It’s a shame someone stole your meat. I’m always afraid of that. If it’s the hunters from PA then I’m not surprised. Plenty of low life asshats from PA. If they’re not shooting other hunters along the kilpacker trail they are doing other dumb shit.
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