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Dec 20, 2000
What is your ideal of a perfect calling rifle? This is Darrell Hollands version of a calling rifle:
Probably the handiest little gun you'll ever own, this rifle was inspired by Steve Timm, who likes to call it a Walking Varminter! The stock is a McMillan Mountain Rifle™ in gray and white Gel-Coat™. Barrel contours are #2½ and #3 with the lengths extending from 20 - 24". Barrel is Tuff Coated™ in matte gray. A Leupold™ 2.5X8 scope with our custom 700 mounts adds to the package. The caliber is the 22 - 6MM Improved. Also supplied as standard equipment are front and rear studs (Super Stud™ for the front bipod), Jewell™ trigger, competition recoil lug and Holland firing pin.

Here is the list of ingredients for a calling rifle from Steve Timm:
.223 Ackley
Remington 700 action
McMillan Mountain Rifle stock
2½-contour barrel - floorboard crown
21-inch barrel (some would prefer 22-inch)
Trigger pull: 2½-pounds
Leupold 4.5-14 scope in Leupold QR mounts

So, what is your version of the perfect calling rifle?
For me accuracy is important, so I like heavy, long barrels. My current call gun is Rem 700 BDL .222 with 24" heavy Varmint barrel. With a 3X9X50 Nikon. I love the gun. On with a little more ump would be better. It is sighted in at 1 1/2" high a hunred, is about 3" low at 225 and starts to fall quickly after that. For instance at 300 it is right at 8".

Make sure you have enough KApow in that new gun.
I guess mine will be the new Cooper in 20 tactical I ordered,and the 17Rem barrel for my encore.I don't think a 223AI would be nearly as fur friendly as either of these,and I'm definitely going to harvest the fur,to finance my hunting/rifle projects,or at leastr feed my ratt terrier,hahahaha
I'm still trying to figure out the "perfect" calling rifle. Reckon I probably got another 30 years of rifle testing ahead of me trying to make up my mind

And really, for me, I don't think that just one rifle will ever do. Depending on conditions and terrain, I like to have some choices. Something like my little Model Seven .223 for situations where light and handy are the order of the day. Something like my semi-custom heavy barrel 700 .22-250AI for really open country where long shots are common. Something like my .17 Mach IV for taking clean fur. And I've forgotten what a shotgun is, so I pack a 85 year old Win. '94 in .38-55 for close in brush type work. Of course, most of the time, I just tote my old 788 .22-250, nothing fancy, just plain works.

Been contemplating a large case .17 for my next calling rig. Depending on what action I use, thinking either a .17 Predator or MAYBE something crazy like a shortened .17BR (I said MAYBE Blaine!).

Like I said, ask me again in another 30 years and I MIGHT have some sort of an answer, maybe!

For me,hunting is a great hobby,but it's also just an excuse to persue my second hobby,which is rifles and working up loads for them,spending time at the range,etc.Half the fun of hunting is perfecting a new rifle and working up loads for it in the off season.I haven't even begun to tap the knowledge and resources out there,I am new to the small caliber world.Just goes to show,it's truly fun to learn,even though most of us as kids would never agree with that!

I know I won't stop with the Cooper,something new will come out and I'll have to have it,or maybe I'll try my hand at custom building my own,with some help from the my neighbor the gunsmith.
Well this topic gets bumped around quite a bit and there is no "right" answer that I can find, But I'm still lookin.

At this time my predator smoker has got to be my Tact20.

Built on a 700 SA thats been tuned and laped

Douglas 1/12 twist XX SS 26" Air guaged Match grade barrel w/ 1/4 inset 11* target crown on a #6 taper

Timiny single set trigger 2# and set at 10 OZ

the stock is an ultra light cork and fiberglass that only weighs 1.6 lbs.

Burris fullfield II 6x24x40 with signature rings and solid one piece base.

so far that will have to do till I find something better.

My Favorite right now is a custom Sako that I built three years ago. It's chambered in .224 Durham Jet and sports a Nikon 6.5-20X50 scope in high Sako rings. I shoot 55 grain Nosler ballistic tips on top of a full load in IMR 4198 or 4320. Muzzle velocity is around 3800 fps loaded down for accuracy. Here's a picture....


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Thanks Fellas,, I built the rifle and bought the hat... give me a couple of days to remember, and I'll tell you where the hat came from...


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What case is the 224 durham jet based on,223,22-250....?
Kiwi, Thanks for noticing... I work hard at keeping my cave clean...

SE, It's based on the 243 Winchester.. It's similar to the Jaybird, only the shoulder angle is steeper and the neck slightly longer...

Now that's a pretty rifle! I love those Sako varmint pattern stocks.

Just picked up an old L579 heavy barrel .243 myself. It's really clean, doesn't look shot too much, but it's only shooting so-so for me out of the gate. Pretty sure it will come around though.

Man oh man you guys got some nice guns!
For me in tight country, 22 hornet, long country 22-250.
I like a straight 6 power scope,that keeps me from fiddling around when I should be all business.
My all time harvester was my 30-06 cause that gun fit me to a tee, then the wife thought she was giving me a Christmas gift and had a thumbhole stock put on it secretly, ruined it.
my other favorite was a savage lever action 250-3000 99f...easy to carry, sweet little shooter.....
QH,of the guns I've owned,right now my favorite of all time is the Thompson center arms Encore I own.It shoulders real easy,the scope is right there,and all you need do is change barrels to pursue game of the season.It is as many guns in one as you want it to be. I can hit most anything with mine,and because I only change barrels,I am always shooting with the same gun.

I imagine when I finally get the Cooper rifle I ordered,it will fast become my favorite.
My Yote rifle is a Remington 700 VS w/a Bushnell 6x18x50 AO , Harris Bipod and I use 50 grn V-MAX MOLY backed with VARGET. BTY its a 22-250.
I can hit a quarter at 200 yds twice out of three shoots. I got a thing on the success stories on the Hodgdon Powder web site.
The rifle that rides in the truck with me is a 22-250 Savage 11F with a Bushnell 6x18x50 AO scope also.
Well, those are my Yote busting machines.

My calling rifle.. thats a tough one since calling here in az shots can range from 1 yard to 1000 yards....

under 25 yards= Ar-15 bushmaster shorty

under100 yards= .223 bdl

over100yards= everthing from a .220swift to a .300 win mag but a .243 primarily. I have them in ruger #1's, and ruger varmiters both the old m77 and the newer style


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