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Jul 10, 2001
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Check out what the Phoenix ADC guys are charging to remove problem coyotes.

Plucky coyotes becoming more brazen
In latest incident, pup is snatched

Kate Nolan
The Arizona Republic
Jun. 25, 2003 12:00 AM

At 4 pounds, Raleigh the American rat terrier was just the right size to be carried around in owner Kathy May's handbag.

Monday night, it turned out Raleigh was also the right size to be carried off by a coyote.

About 9 p.m., May's husband, Gary Updike, 60, walked the 14-week-old pup outside their home near McDonald and Hayden roads in Scottsdale. Raleigh, who was not on a leash, gave a yip just before a coyote emerged from a bush and snatched him in its mouth.

Raleigh is the latest victim on a growing list of aggressive acts by Scottsdale area coyotes.

Experts say the animals are losing their fear of humans. Cat and dog snatchings are now common in several neighborhoods. In the past four months, two Scottsdale kids have been bitten by urban coyotes, the first time bites have been recorded in several years.

On June 14, a 17-month-old boy was bitten on his face, abdomen and neck at CrackerJax Family Fun & Sports Park, 16001 N. Scottsdale Road, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

In an earlier incident, a coyote entered a family's back yard and bit a young girl.

Neither coyote has been recovered.

After the CrackerJax incident, Game and Fish spent a week trying to find the animal, department biologist Randy Babb said. What they found was a perfect urban resort for wildlife.

"Kierland Golf Course is the hub," Babb said. "Coyotes are seen regularly. Everything that makes this area attractive for people makes it attractive to them. The area has a maze of interconnecting washes, alleyways and corridors that coyotes can live in. We found a spot where people were leaving water out for coyotes and another where there was a water run-off.

"Coyotes here are anything but starving. Life is as good as it can get."

The situation is repeated all around the Valley.

Babb said the northern and eastern edges and near Fashion Square mall are particular problems in Scottsdale.

It isn't so much an increase in coyote population as an increase in pluck.

"We're seeing more coyotes that are behaving in a bold, unfearful manner with humans," Babb said. "Bites, taking of pets, going into back yards and following people for handouts are all increasing."

Most animals leave or die off when an area becomes developed, but coyotes adapt. Because they can eat almost anything, coyotes are fans of garbage, pets, whatever's handy.

As many as 10 generations of coyote families may occupy long-developed areas.

What's the solution? Game and Fish is starting to work with municipalities to reduce nuisance coyotes.

Game and Fish usually recommends that residents who see coyotes acting boldly call someone to remove them.

Wes Patrick of Critter Control finds that callers lose their urgency when they hear the cost: $350 to set up traps and $199 per captured animal. Trapping them is labor intensive, Patrick said.

Do all coyotes pose a threat?

"Probably not," Babb said, "but they should be treated as though they do."


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
HAHA my friends call me to remove them everyonce in a while but I cant shoot my .300 mag in a neighborhood . they frown on that sort of thing...

I really cant understand why the phx comunity is in an uproar right now about this. It seems to be the talk of the town the last few days....
Heck its been happening for quite a few years now. lake pleasant where you and I went has had a few attempted attacks, one which was put to a halt by me and my 45 in the parking lot on a nice sunday afternoon after fishing... Fuuny thing was there was only one who came to jump my ass and when the others told him what happened he said kill them all....

LAst week on wednesday my buddy saw one of the 3 lions that roam the lake. this one was right on the boat dock watching him. he got to within 30 feet of it....and it just watched him. he called game and fish and they said it hasnt been a problem so we arent going to do anything with it....

Lake pleasant made it illegal to hunt since thanksgiving of last year so the coyotes will be thick(there was about 10 of us killing them)... now with the lions and raccons and not being able to hunt things will get hectic in the next few years. I image by the end of the year game and fish will try to get a few guys to kill them. it used to be you only saw one or 2 yotes and racoons were few and far between.. now you have to kick the coons off the ramp to walk on it and the coyotes watch you park your car...
I like seeing them out there but there is a point were there is just to damn many...
Probally have to start carrying my bow out there on the weekdays while fishing now and hope not to get caught. I guess I could always say I am fishing for carp thats still legal as far as I know... which I cant understand why bows are illegal for yotes..

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