Big Bull ELK .. on somebody else’s dime.

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Dec 19, 2000
Hypothetical situation… Your wife, mistress, fiancée, girlfriend, whatever, has a rich uncle or something. He gets drunk and makes you an offer you cannot refuse.

“Son, Since I like you sooo much I’ll give you up to fifteen big ones ($15,000.00) to spend on any elk hunt you want, so long as you are holding for a 350 class bull. Don’t shoot a little bush-head or I’ll make you pay it back.”

After careful investigation you find some fantastic bull elk that can be hunted for that price, where you are not required to face difficult drawing odds and you will be going next year. The Apache Reservations are probably the only things with better bulls, but they are out of your price range.

In the NM Gila area you can book with one of these two real high-profile outfits, buying guaranteed licenses for a 5-day hunt. The total trip might cost around 10-11K when it’s all said and done. You will most likely be hunting public land and you might see other hunters, but not many. Bulls can be big (380+). Numbers are moderate. You will most likely see some animals in the 350 range. You will be with top-notch guides, but hunters can and do get skunked every year on these hunts. There is no guarantee of success.

Or you can hunt private land in MT, the best large private properties (some over 100,000 acres in size) which are managed for trophy quality elk hunting. There are no high fences and the elk can move freely from one place to the next. If you scare them onto the neighbor’s place or adjacent public land, you cannot pursue them. You’d get a guaranteed license through the outfitter and book a hunt. Hunting pressure is almost non-existent on these places. You won’t see other hunters. Bulls here can also get big (380+), numbers are high. You’ll see lots of elk, some in the 350+ range. Again, you’ll be guided, but there are skunked hunters every year. That might be hard to accept when you could end up spending around 14-15K when it’s all said and done.

Or you can visit the Extreme Genetics 1000 acre elk enclosure. Take the whole family and spend only three days. They advertise, “This new program does away with all the hassles of today's good elk hunts.” You will spend the entire wad and you will get that 350+ bull. You are guaranteed. There is no chance of your beer drinking buddies making fun of you spending 15K and coming home empty handed.

So what’s it gonna be: Go on a top-notch guided elk hunt in a quality area? Or hit the Extreme Genetics enclosure? After all they are pretty much the same thing.. right?
What do you make up silly questions for? They are not the same thing, whoever said that? I ask the uncle about it when he is sober and see how serious he is. Since I don't have the money, I'm not risking that link that had a lot of bulls below 350 where I might have to pay the $15,000 for a bad judgement. Its hard to decide on the other two choices, the uncle and girlfriend might want to go and could at the Utah place if they wanted to go along and they're paying. I'd be willing to shoot it. I'd rather spend the $15,000 on something else and just go hunting like I do. The choice between the other two depends on the lady and the uncle.
If someone gave me that kinda money I would ask ol BOB to take me to an auction and buy a big bull.. load it in the truck and shoot it... then I would take the rest of the money and go on a couse deer hunt and do some real hunting... heck maybe even stop at tehe mustang ranch, and look for a real trophy :D :D LMAO

OK dammit you guys always twist it...

The old drunk's word is good as when he's sober.

You have to spend the money only on an elk hunt and 15K is your budget.

You are going by yourself.

Come on Tom.. you going to risk that much denero on anything but a sure thing?

That would be like WW taking some gal on a blind date to the Gallatin River Lodge and spending 1K on a weekend there. He ain't gonna do that.. he's going to grab an old stand-by outta the Crystal Bar and buy her 5 dollars worth of quarter beers.. same principle.

Come on now.. which option are you going to take? Truthfully..
It looks like the rifle hunt is over budget at the NM place with 69% success rate. The bow one is in budget with 39% success rate. Success is just getting a bull from the description info. The Utah place has 450 bulls and I probably won't loose the money I don't have there. The other places I could investigate more, since they would likely be a longer hunt, with more scenery, horsebacking, campfires, etc. I don't know right now.

I don't even know if I would go, a $15,000 hunt doesn't sit right with me. I don't have an uncle like that. Why do you ask such a silly question? I let others answer and get some work done.

Simple answer. I'd hire your services as a
guide, and get really good at flinging arrows
in the your part of the woods. It probally
would'nt cost 15,000 bones. Plus, we all
know you can put out when it comes to big
horned critters! :D
Personally if I had to do one or the other.
I would opt for my chances with the elk ranch where they run free.
A little more sporting than shooting them in a pen.
But I also agree with Delw, that money would get you a better trophy at the mustang ranch and something to take home with you as a suveneir. :eek:
I'll take the MT hunt, but the Gila hunt is very tempting. It kinda comes down to the scenery and weather I like best.

The only way I'd take the Extreme Genetics hunt is if I wanted a non-hunting vacation and wasn't required to shoot anything. I'd rather photograph tame elk.
Tom.. one more thing for clarification.. The old drunk is not going to make you pay the money back if you don't shoot an elk.
OK,OK,OK, I got it. Delw and I take the $15k to Vegas , run it up to $200k or so , we both take all three trips, send weekend warrior $10K or so for the girls, and we all go home with change in our pockets!!!! Bob
I must agree with Del........I'd get ole BoB to buy a 400+ bull 8x8 fly down to his ranch shoot it in the trailer :D
Then we go to mustang ranch??????

hey flipper I missed your phone call and dont have your # handy

I would stop through Yellowstone Park on the way to Mexico and blast a big 350 bull. 15k can buy a lot of Tequila, women and donkey shows in Mexico. After a month there would be hundreds of Mexican women calling me "punto cito", which I think means "small point".
i would bow out and let my good bud moosie take my spot so he could FINALLY get a nice bull.

anyone been over to yoopers site,,,man talk about a hot bed of activity,,lots of posts,,
Speaking of somebody that is due for a trip to the Mustang Ranch... 280.. I think Moosie shot this one last year. Looks like a nice bull to me.

I'll pay the game nicely. I'd do the Montana hunt, especially if I don't have to pay it back if I don't shoot. (I'm doing New Mexico this year, although on my own like last year.)
This one is not hard for me. I'll take the Montana trip every time. I don't know much about New Mexico. I have been through Montana quite a few times and like it.

Not at all interested in Extreme Genetics. That is not why I hunt....

How about this: I'd flip a coin and pick between the Montana and the New Mexico hunt. I'd hire Greenhorn, Deerking and Moosie to guide me. We'd have the time of our lives and I'm sure with those guys guiding me I'd have a 380-400 class bull by the time we were done. And If we didn't I'm sure we'd have a hell of a good time trying. I'd walk away being a better hunter either way. As far as the genetics farm. No thanks its just not my style. There are big bulls out there that aren't caged. But I also still respect those who chose to hunt those fenced joints. To each their own I guess.
Greenhorn...easy question. I'd do the Montana hunt. If I don't find a 350+ bull, oh well, at least I had fun trying. If I had a choice though, and that much money to spend, I'd hire an outfitter to pack me into the wilderness in September. Not sure which state, I guess I'd have to do some research on where a 350+ bull is possible. Mabye Nevada would be a good choice? Or Arizona too I suppose.
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