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Bear pics


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Mar 12, 2001
I thought I would show a couple of pics of some bears we got this spring.We got invited to Laloche Sask this spring for a bear hunt. Are friend owns and operates PR services up there.We seen 34 bears in 2 days we ended up shooting 3 on monday and 4 on tuesday and a 8th on thursday.This place was crawling with bears.It was the best bear hunting trip I have ever been on. :D this is a picture of my bear(top) and my buddies bear.(Bott)
Ill'try this again:

Damn fine looking bears Wtail!!!! I want to get one with a bow next time I get one. Glad to have ya here at Moosies Wtail!!!! Keep the pics coming. My brother killed a bear a year or so ago in Sask. I will post the pic if I can still access my photopoint album.....Good on you guys and thanks for sharing the pics. bcat
Congrats and thanks for the pic's. I like the brown muzzle with the black body. Sounds like an excellent hunt. :D :D
I found out today that Abbucks bear(TOP) is going to be pope&young it scored 18 7/8 green so I,m sure it won't shrink that much more I hope.The next biggest bear we got that week was scored at 21 5/8 he was shot by a rifle.My bear scored 17 2/8. :D