Archery X ZONE California Hunt


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Aug 30, 2015
I was lucky enough to draw this tag. It was my first time drawing an x zone tag. I started scouting about a month prior to the opener. I went up and put out camera's, scouted water holes and other good looking country. I was doing most of my scouting in the evening after work.
I finally went up on a Saturday and hiked up to a peak and sat down and started glassing. At about 9 am I started to hear the whine of 2-strokes!! Holy race track mess!! Dirt bikes, quads, razors and jeeps, people every where!! No wonder I haven't seen hardly any deer on my camera's. That area was a dust bowl. I went over to the Tahoe side and there was more mountain bikes then cars.... Every time I thought I was in a good spot, I would see a trail beaten down with bike tracks...
I found some private ground and started knocking on doors, 2 wonderful people allowed me to come onto their property and hunt!! Very, Very, Very rare for California.
The opener, I came up on a group of 9 bucks-all very nice. I tried to intercept them as they were moving up the mountain but couldn't close the distance. That night I glassed up 13 bucks in a saddle. 4 were really big. The wind was bad so I just watched them until dark. Next morning I ran back up there to find them and watched Larry, Moe and Curly come hiking in from the bottom WITH the wind at their back!!! Nice work guys, not only are you trespassing you now just blew out all of the deer before you got there. I was pissed, I did the work to get permission only to have these jokers blow it. I stared back down, wondering what to do next and walked up on this guy! My first DIY all by myself and got it done- lucky as hell b/c I was shaking soooo bad trying to range him. So thanks Larry, Moe and Curly, if you guys would not have came up I would have never gone this way!
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Aug 21, 2012
NW Iowa
Great buck, congrats on making the most of your tag and adapting to the crazy pressure.
Apr 4, 2011
SLC, Utah
Good job J! Used to have a ball hunting the X-zones. Sometimes taking advantage of other hunters roaming the woods pays off! Nice buck...


Jul 7, 2014
Very respectable buck, for your first or fiftieth. And Kudos to you(and the landowner) for getting the unheard of permission to hunt private land in this state.