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  • I should have the phone case part that fits an Iphone 5 but not the round part that goes on to your scope. You can get the size specific for your scope or they make the a universal one that adjusts to many sizes. If you want the phone case send me your mailing address and I will send it out. I will look for it tonight.
    Yeah, they are cow tags, and you are correct, even the resident youth cant hardly draw bull tags, good luck on your hunts, steve
    Hello Clay, the youth tags are on sale again, they say there are around 700 tags still available, take care
    Thanks for the heads up, but the well has run dry this year. Alaska, Colorado, and Wyoming all in about 50 days - Yikes! It's gonna be fun tho! Best wishes on your hunts!
    Hello Clayton, well the youth tags are on sale right now for the kids that didnt draw a tag, the leftovers will go on sale the 23rd for the kids that didnt apply and non resident kids, the sale starts at 10.00am
    Well I can see your calendar is busy but the youth hunt is over the Thanksgiving break or the Christmas break, so it doesnt look like it interferes with your other plans ,lol
    The New Mexico youth tags go on sale the 9th for the youth that didnt draw, after a week or so they go on sale for any youth to purchase
    We'll be on SC. The ad service we use gets paid to promote from many sources, including OC, but SC does not advertise with them.

    Sorry you don't get it. I will be available online, come January.
    Hey Clayton, take a look at my pictures in my profile, Jesse is my youngest son and he shot his first bull when he was 11, I can help you with what units to put in for and those we have hunted in the past.ttyl , Steve
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