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    Another WY elk pp question

    Thanks for the thoughts guys, I would definitely hunt archery, then rifle if needed.
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    Another WY elk pp question

    no guides in my future. thanks!
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    Another WY elk pp question

    Hopefully this post can help others in the same limbo. I have 4 elk points. Short version: Get a 2-4 point unit? , go general? , or keep building to 6 points to maybe open up more units? Long version; I've researched the LE units that I can draw. The list is comprised of several units that have...
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    Colorado Elk Units 25, 26, 34, 24 Info

    Not on my radar but nice of you to offer to help others.
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    Times a cheap piece of equipment saved a hunt, or my hide.

    I carry needle and thread for clothes tears, and super glue for an equipment repair and hopefully never to put in a flesh wound to seal it up. Ibuprofen helps musle pains in the mountains that get sore at night.
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    Taking a Newbie Ice Fishing

    We have a big friends and family event on the ice this weekend. Tons of food and drink and a little friendly competition for biggest gill. I will be taking several newbies, can totally relate!! o_O
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    Caldwell Deadshot Fieldpod

    New In box. Sells for $140-160 online. $100 TYD
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    Virginia Gun Rights Rally

    Good thing some have their knee pads on... :unsure: Mixed emotions on this here as well, we have to stand up for our rights, but lets not defeat the purpose by making America think we're all a bunch of trigger happy lunatics.
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    Virginia Gun Rights Rally

    Same here Kip, the news was whooping it up about how some white supremacy dipshits were arrested because they were planning to cause violence at the rally. That will be hard to prove I bet, but it kept those few fellas from attending. Sure hope they don't hurt the cause more than they help it...
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    Just another proud dad !

    Congrats from the old guy that struggles with a cell phone :) These kids are amazing these days! Well done!!
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    Anyone use heated insoles?

    Yep, thanks for replies, we cut them to fit inside the liners. Her toes get cold easily so these should help a lot for ice fishing. The remote on/off will be nice.
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    Quick question for food plot experts

    Lots of great advise above!! like mentioned above, Slow trial and error and plenty of roundup will be your friends. If you can spray anything that is green in the spring and keep it all dead that will help a LOT. I have found that turnip/brassica blends work the best on first year plots. These...
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    Anyone use heated insoles?

    I got some for my daughter's pack boots for ice fishing. Wondering if I should cut them to fit inside the felt liners? Or in the bottom of the boot under the felt liner ?
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    People are crazy

    He'd benefit from a bar of soap between his teeth! My dad's boot wouldn't have been found for days!
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    4 Points Enough?

    I was personally pleasantly surprised at how much public land there was when we made our first trip to SE WY. Some people say it's not much and so do certain publications, but when you come from areas where there is very little public land it doesn't seem that bad. Just drive to and check every...