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Blacktail Buck


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Sep 5, 2017
northern california
I was fortunate to harvest this columbian blacktail buck this last Friday. Its been a long season with many ups and downs. I did shoot at and wound a buck the week before and was unable to recover the buck after the better part of a day tracking a blood trail through the nastiest brush on the ridge.

With the season winding down and ending on Sep 24 I planned on camping the last four days of the CA A zone season. I noticed the bucks were all pushing does which doesn't happen during the hunting season very often. I posted up on some does and this buck followed one doe to me within forty yards knowing I was there and bedded. Once the does started moving again he got up instantly and walked to 30 yards and I took him at that time.

Super fun season ended with some rutty bucks. Couldn't be happier.

Blacktails ate tough to hunt especially on public land congrats