April 26th is held for us to get deposits in.


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Jan 22, 2001
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He had a group call over the weekend to take the 5th, the 19th is Easter, so we get the 26th. He said he's not letting anyone book then now, so we have a chance to get our deposits in. At about 16 hunters it will be pretty full, but we can go to 18 if needed. Its still $50 deposit and then the remainder of the $180/animal at the hunt. There are upgrade animals sometimes that we will be told about when we get there.

$50 deposit per hunter check to and mail to

Thompson Temple
HC1 Box 24
Barksdale, TX 78828

The choices are corsican, Hawiian black, Mouflon, Texas dall, (those 4 make what Records of Exotics calls the Texas Slam), rambo (or merino) ram, and New Zealand mountain goat (or catalina), and those 6 make the ROE Big Horn Slam. Sometimes there are a few 4 horns. Aoudad are there and are free but they are hard to get. Varmints and hogs are free, but rare there.

We got April 26. Hope it works, object if not.
should work for me. i have to check and see when my boy has to be back in school but it might work for him too.what about the rest of you guys can we plan on this date.
Once Tom posts the address and confirms the deposit amounts, we'll see if more folks sign up. A lot of them are out hunting now, too. Or we can just do another Hog Hunt with Chopper on another date in the Spring and see if more folks can make that hunt.
if we do another hunt with chopper i would recommend we do it before the foxtails get so bad we cant use the dogs. when i took my boy we bayed up one pig with it and it was really cool watching those dogs work the hog. if we cant make it then im still in but the dogs are really fun.then again using the dogs woud seriouslly cut down the amount of that beautiful property we would get to see and for the guys who didnt make it last year that would be a major loss.i still tell people how great that was.
Well I think after careful consideration, I'm going to wait for the CA hog hunt. I dont really care for lamb(eating) though I would like to kill one.Hopefully Chopper will be gracious enough to let us get together for another hunttalk hunt next spring. It would be pretty cool to watch the dogs work some pigs. So maybe in May?????
I don't know how Chopper is with his dogs, but most hog hunters won't let you shoot them with a rifle while the dogs are on them - the bullet can go right through the hog and kill a dog. I still like "spot and stalk"... ;)
Nut, I'm bumbed, e-mail me if you would go, but a different time. Youth turkey up there is important though.

That's it, we got April 26th weekend at this point. For March, we would need to get geared up for it earlier than we did.

That is the address and that is the deposit amount, $50. They are real sheep, there's lots of them there. To reserve a spot, we send in the $50 deposit to the address above. The total cost of the hunt is $180 ($130 more due if you kill one), that's the hunt and two nights in the camphouse total cost $180 for one animal. Additional animals are additional money and some did that last year, except for aoudads and varmints, they're free. Its kind of between camping and a motel room. Hunting is friday, after noon, on our own. Saturday morning and saturday evening and sunday morning he takes people to spots and picks them up later. Some canyons can be walked. The over the counter liscense is $35, then you've got the travel, that's it. We also bring our own food and there's a nice buffet about 14 miles away for a choice. We need to find the pictures of the rams and get them up again for people to see what its like who want to see. I think they taste best when made into that dry sausage and there is a meat processor near by where we can drop them off at on the way back sunday. While at the ranch, there is a walk in cooler to keep them in. Thompson actually delivered some animals there for us last year, but I could do it too, the meat processor and the taxidermist are on the way back to town for me.

That will be during spring turkey season here too and Thompson usually makes a turkey free, if you can get one to come in there, but that liscense is another $100, the turkey one and there aren't many turkeys there.

There are choices on the rams, mulitple species, its like 98% success there and 20% of the rams make the record book. Last year the biggest ram shot, was a $180 one that was a fraction of an inch from Gold level in Records of Exotics and was a Texas dall. Most of them are corsican, but many others were around and got last year. This year will be the same, he has good rams there for an economical price.

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Kraven and Nut and others, What if we postpone it till May sometime, after turkey season, would that make any difference? Then, when we go, we'll get March sometime for the next year right then, if we can.

I posted some shoulder mounts, a skull mount, and a horn mount, even a half body mount of many of these rams in the taxidermy room, under Rhodes Tax.pictures, and part 2 and 3 also since many of the pictures from last years hunt are not in those threads anymore.
Apparently May would not be any better, nobody has said that. This year the only option is to move it back farther. We can try and get March for next year, when we go this year. There are pictures of some of the rams in the Taxidermy Room under Rhodes Taxidermy. That's where Kraven and Moosie and I think Jason Lee (?) are getting their shoulder mounts from last years hunt. Thompson dropped them off there for us after we left. They do meat processing also, so it works out well. There is a walk in cooler to keep them in at the ranch where we hunt. There's no limit except how many times you want to spend the money on a ram, some people shot two last year. If you get your $180 ram early, you can still take pictures and hunt varmints, aoudads (hard to get but there are some good ones), and hogs for free.

April 26th weekend is it. Send the $50 deposit to get a spot. Address is the outfitter/owner/guide for the ram hunt ranch above. Thompson is a good man, I'd trust him with my life if I needed too.

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It doesn't look like a big crowd this time. Most of the folks going to Canada for bear next year don't seem interested. We may want to pass on this year, or schedule a time during the summer when it's hot there but nothing else is in season anywhere.

I would think that we go ahead and book a date in February or March for 2004...President's Day weekend would work well as that is along weekend for most people. They can hunt Saturday and Sunday (or take Friday off and hunt that day, too) and still have Monday to relax before going to work on Tuesday.
Cali, I'll ask about 2004 ASAP. Here's a place with cheap tickets. Its cheaper to car pool with a friend. Several people did that last year, several flew.


If anybody is thinking about it and has questions, please ask. There's pictures of some of the animals in the Taxidermy room and the ranch we're hunting at this April 26th weekend is a few miles from Vance, Texas. The hunt is from Friday noon to sunday noon and there is lodging, (between camping and a motel room), at the ranch included in the $180. To reserve a spot, send the $50 deposit to the ranch owner/outfitter/semi-guide for this hunt at the address above.