Am I an unethical bastird or what?????


Apr 16, 2001
I made a hail mary shot on the deer I ended up killin this year.I believe the bullet was deflected into the deers top round muscle an stopped at the base of his tenderloin on the opposite quarter without breakin a bone.I chased him for 1 hr before stoppin for 3 hrs.I stopped cause he was not bleedin which led me to believe he was hit high an would fill up with blood an die within 3 hrs.He just wanted to lay down.(Course I would too if MY ass was on fire.) :D He was layin in a hellacious spot of wet ground with swalegrass,jackfir thickets and 10 yo clearcuts borderin everything.I went back in with a 12 ga 870 remington loaded fulla 00 buckshot.With a soft rain fallin and 4" of wet trackin snow with friends posted at several road crossins,the games began.I chased this big fuggin bastird for 3 hrs an never went a 1/2 a mile.I peppered his neck with buckshot 3 different times before I finally got one inta his brisket an loosened them lungs up a mite.When he finally fell over I run up an knelt down an we looked at each other till he stopped breathin.Maybe that was an unethical thing to do,but his dyin breath was takin while he was lookin at the baddest muthafugger he ever tangled with. :D If this hunt was unethical in any way,why in hell did I have to dump adrenalin outa my friggin boots that night? ;) Some of these other so-called "huntin" boards crack me up.
yep you is an unethekal bassturd---on any other site--but here you is damn good for gettin to the end of the line--congrats to you-----chris
What ever else is said, at least you kept up the hunt until the end, alot would take the shot,then wander on because it didn't drop in its tracks..Now we have the story, when is the pics showing up.... :D :D :D
You did great to finally get him and put him out of his pain. It doesn't sound like you stared at each other for an hour, glad you got him. How could you do it any different?
Hell yes you were an unethical bastird.....that is why you fit right in here at Moosie's! :cool:

Jason says--- " nothing like chasing a wounded animal"

I can't wait to hunt elks with you this fall man! :D

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What was your theory behind using the shotgun?? Or was that the law where you were or something? I'd had my 30-30 in my hands and there aint nothin at shotgun range that will walk/run away from me with that in my hands.

Far as I'm concerned, once an animal is dead, do you think he really cares how he died? I dont. Torture the bastards for two days, once they are dead, they are dead.
Definitely not an unethical hunt. As mentioned above, a lot of people would have just moved on and left a wounded animal to the coyotes.

Now if you want to hear about some unethical hunters, check this out! We were coming back from town Monday night, and right smack dab in the middle of the road lay two carcasses. The hunters just took the hides, hooves, and tenderloins and left the rest lay in the road. Talk about a waste!!
Not at all unethical...

Is this unethical though? I shot a whitetail deer just as it was getting light with my bow. I looked for immediately and found it laying stone dead a 100 yards away. But he wasn't what I though he was. I mean Jesus Christ he was tiny. So I left him.
I just figured that if there were any coyotes in the area they could take a day off from chasing deer and other critters and just eat this tiny buck of mine. That way the coyotes are happy and I still have a tag!

Sure was fun though.
Like I always say..."Yotes gotta eat too. I think of you as a conservationist Yetty!...hell, you probably saved some lame as song dog that was shitty at catching critters! folks like you that do the un-seen good deeds that make our sport what it is!.....

Uh......Jim ain't THE Jim Baker are you?...if so, I want my money back! :mad:

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