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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
My youngest and I went hunting with coworker (aka XBow here). Martin (My boy) and I set up about 100 yards farther down from XBow. Martin had a crossbow and I had a shotgun (just in case a duck was dumb enuff to fly by us,it is a good waterfowling area). Well we was there around 20 minutes when I saw movement to the right. A deer was jogging down the dike right in front of us in the opening. :eek: It kept going towards our left and got to within 10 yards of us. Try as I might with my voice making bleats I could not get it to stop. Martin followed the deer all the way across the opening (about 40 yards across). On the second bleat it had a slight hesitation but wouldnt stop. It finally got behind cover and was gone.
Martin was still on it with the crossbow. :D He said that it was great that it happened. ( I did also ;) ). We was giving each other thumbs up and hi 5's for a 1/2 hour afterwards. Still smiling about it.
That's great that he was that close to getting one.
He sure did good holding his shot for the right moment,it will come.
Give that boy a High 5 for me!!!!
That is so cool.
You guy's sure been getting into the animal's.
You do have your work cut out for you Nut ,with all the hunter's in your family,
I hope you have a big freezer .
If it was automatic they would call it "getting" instead of "hunting"?????

Stay after 'em Nut!
When I saw the topic I was thinking you almost broke your toe on the couch again. Then I read where a deer was jogging with a dike and wouldn't stop for two studs in the woods.

That is pretty cool Nut. The time will come for your son and it is great that he waited for the right shot. It is just too bad it wasn't today. Maybe next time. Give him a high 5 for me also
This is still way to exciting even if you don't get to actually pull the trigger...Still get's my heart thumping when I pull back on a cow, or doe, even if the shot does not present itself. It's the fact that you were almost there.... :D
Just seeing 'em that close is a thrill. Nut, next time 'baaa', at it like a goat. Do it quite loudly and only if you/they are ready to shoot. I swear that it'll stop it almost right in its tracks!! Little trick my dad taught me.
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