Alaskan Moose hunting...Non-resident may need a guide!


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Jan 10, 2001
I have posted a bit of info. in the Alaska section of this forum. Go there and access the link to AK. Moose hunting rule change proposal #114. Its a precedent that I dont want to be established! Non-residents required to have a guide to hunt moose in Alaska........thanx, Sparkman
Sparky-Theres pros and cons to this subject. I think Alaska has had several moose killed that didnt make the minimum width required to be legal. I think its a deeper subject than just the requirement to have a guide. Although it may happen ocasionally even with a registered guide, I think the chances are smaller. This dont take into account the illegal killing of moose by residents there but it will help with the non-resident problem. I guess there are several reasons they are trying to get this law thru. Personally I havent made a decision one way or another on it. I would like to hunt a moose there myself too, without the use of a guide, so I dont know whats best for them. I think its up to THEM! bcat

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I would love to get the chance to hunt Moose in AK. But if I did I have no knowledge of Moose or their likes and dislikes so for me it would have to be a guided hunt. I also understand that part of the problem is people tend to get lost up there pretty easy. It's up to them I really don't know enough about it to say anything intelligent.

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I really think that the requirement of a guide for moose in AK is not needed. What is happening, is the same old song and dance. There are a few folks who are probably shooting sub-legal bulls and also some that are guilty of wanton waste. But, what should happen is for those individuals to be punished, not everyone. I say make the fine substantial for wanton waste or shooting a sub-legal bull, then take away hunting rights for life in AK if convicted. That law would make people think twice. But, requiring a guide for everything in AK is a joke. There are many hunters that simply dont want a guide every time they set foot in the woods.
I agree Buzz...well said!
If anyone wants to hunt something they need to take the time to study and learn about that something. Its investment knowledge gained in learning, and it makes you a better hunter overall. You study topos, learn about rut activities and times, travel routes, etc.
I get more satisfaction doing it myself, but dont begrudge anyone wanting to take the easy route by hiring a guide. There's plenty of research and risk in doing that too.
I just dont want to see a Gov't mandate REQUIRING a guide use....ANYWHERE! Its just plain affirmitive action, and preferential treatment due to a lobbied effort, or a Gov't that has given up on the education and enforcement effort. Sparkman
I think People sould have the OPTION to use a guide. If I decide to g othere and Get skunked... I think I should be able to. As far as getting hurt Ect. That could happen But after taking Winter wilderness survival, building an Ice cave and sleeping in it, and A good Knowledge of hunting and Deap thick forest, I think I would fair in the Woods.

If I get lost or hurt, Any rescue I should pay for, and Would be glad to do that.

Thanx for the Update Sparks!!

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I have hunted moose in Alaska twice with out a guide. I can see were you can get into trouble very easy. If you do not READ the reg. for the area your hunt, it could be trouble, as they tend to change from area to area. Some people have no ideal as to what they are getting into. One moose is one hellve of lot work when your doing it on a back pack, 800 to 1000 pounds of work, plus bear, bugs and a few other things. The laws that are in place at this time are very clear, if the meat is left and they find it you go to jail and/or fines up to $5,000.00. I do not think a guide is nesaccary to hunt moose, but you dam well better read the laws and be ready for some hard work!! The real problem, as I see it for the first time hunter is, judging horn size. Where I was hunting they had to be 43 inches or better, that sounded big until I saw one 60 plus.
This all sounds like Ak guides vs. Ak drop camp service to me. A money thing!!
Be safe, have fun!
Yeh,it seems like now days everyone is after the dollars and don't care how they get them!I myself have a conscience and would do anything to help someone out if they needed it and don't accept handouts!Just return the favor someday. you scratch my back I'll shave yours!
I've got a good friend planning a moose hunt
this fall. I called the dept and the lady
said the guide ass brings this up every few
years. She feels unless they come up with
some new reasons, that it most likely won't
pass. It will fail just like it has the
last few times it was brought before the
Dept.That sounds good to me! I can see some
reasons for grizzly, but not for moose. Pretty soon you will have to have a guide
to hunt grouse!!!!

I have posted a bit of info. in the Alaska section of this forum. Go there and access the link to AK. Moose hunting rule change proposal #114. Its a precedent that I dont want to be established! Non-residents required to have a guide to hunt moose in Alaska........thanx, Sparkman
Why do nonres need a guide is it just a state rule?
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