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Alaska black bears

snake river rufus

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Jun 7, 2001
Haysville Ks
Has any one booked w/ an outfitter who works coastal bears? wanna stay in the U.S. but want to tag more than those canadian 'cubs' in '05

I haven't booked with a Outfitter up there. There are plenty to choose from though. If I was you I'd look in the South portion of AK like around Sitka and Such. I've seen plenty of good bears come out of there !! Keep us informed on your Search. Maybe one of usss... AHHHHHEeem !! Might like Bear hunting and might ride coat tail if allowed :D
Okay Moosie but separate tents! I do have a couple of hog hunts and 1 exotic hunt coming up that I'll invite hunttalkers to after my circle of friends ( both of 'em) decide how many will go.
Moosie ........

I think you have your Black Bear stories crossed. There are no Black bears around Sitka. Baranoff has Browns only !!!!!

The jumbo Blacks are taken on POW Island, Kuiu, and around Ketch-it-if-you-can.
A 26ft boat? Yikes, kinda small!

Other than that, I have no info or opinions on the outfit.
Ed is one of my partners in crime!!!!

He is a great guy and very good hunter.

We have been working together and known each other for many years.

His website is out of date. The Mozza is no longer in the water.

I also rate my combo at $6000 base and $2000 when and if successful on Brown. There are many $8000 Brown hunts on the market. Not all are $15000.

We don't hunt a Brown Bear (only) populated area. We hunt the Misty which has Browns, Blacks and Wolf. We rate our hunts accordingly. But our guide friend Scott Newman does motor down from Petersburg to finish off the season in the Misty and he gets $10k or $12k for hunting the same bays.

No other Guides have Brown Bear permits to work the area.

I just sold my last Brown Bear hunt for '05 (unless the USFS gives me one more hunt, which I have asked for). Actually my spring '05 is looking full. Starting on POW in late April and then moving over to Hyder for the rest of May. Ed might have an opening.
I was afraid that a year was going to precious little time to plan. I guess '06 is plenty soon to hunt a brown bear. But I am going to chase black bears! Bears are just too much fun to let them go for a year.
I'm sure there are hunts available. Don't think that just because a guide is not booked years in advance it is not a good hunt.

An experienced Bear hunter can (and do) have good hunts selfguided in this area. It does take some logisticts planning. Money for transportation.

But it is not a easy as the outdoorpress makes it out to be. This is rainforest jungle style hunting.
SRR, I went up there without a guide and did very well on black bears. However if you don't have the resources and experience, I think Muskeg's advice is good. While S.E. Alaska is a beautiful place and a great place to hunt black bear, it is also a place where one can die young if not careful. It is not a place to practice your boat captain skills. Better to go with someone that knows what they are doing on the water. Muskeg is a great resource and it's been my experience that he doesn't mind helping folks out with good basic information. Best of luck to you.
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