A little humour for your day

I just told my neighbor the other day not to curse at my kids, but I don’t mind the cursing thing at all, unless it’s in a context that is directly derogatory. There’s wayyyyy worse stuff in the world than to be worried about words. Sticks and stones, friend.
When stop worrying about the small things we'll eventually stop worrying about the big things. After all, there are always worse/bigger things going on in the world than the particular thing we care about at a given time.

I think people just forget that there are still some of us that don't curse at all, let alone in front of our kids.
A priest, a rabbi and a Baptist preacher met once a month for morning coffee. During the course of conversation they began to discuss who was the most effective at spreading their faith and proselytizing folks to join their congregations. As the discussion grew heated someone came up with the idea of a contest to prove who was the most effective. They would each take a month to see who could convert the most people. Then, one of the others upped the ante and said people were too easy, they should each spend a month trying to convert a grizzly bear and report back with their success. They all agreed.

One month later they met for coffee and the priest proudly proclaimed that he was making great progress with his grizzly. He had memorized the catechism and was saying Hail Marys and was going to be taking communion at the next service.

Not to be outdone, the Baptist preacher said his grizzly had cried and confessed his sins after hearing a fire and brimstone sermon and was going to be baptized in the river next Sunday morning.

Both men looked at the rabbi who had a downcast look on his face and was bandaged from head to toe and had a cast on his arm. “How did you fare?”they asked.

“Well…” the rabbi slowly replied. “Looking back, I guess circumcision was not the best place to start.”