8x8 Bull elk (pics)


Feb 18, 2002
Hey all,
Hope your season is going good. Yesterday I "missed" a 6 pt bull elk, I passed up a 75 yard shot at it because I didn't feel comfortable with the shot. Today my best friend shot a 8x8 bull elk. Someone had previously hit it in the horn and after he shot it the bull fell off a cliff and then the horn broke off. Not bad for OTC public land hunts. Here's the pics, sorry no field pics:



I believe that point is over 20" long, I'd have to ask my friend. He is defiently going to get it mounted and probably will just have the taxidermist glue the horn back on but leave the bullet hole in it.
Nice Bull Wyo. Congrats to your bud. I too like the color of the rack, see a lot of them like that over on the coast. Makes it hard to see the rack in the timber, but they look real good on the wall.

NICE.... I was just wondering if you and your Buddies wear your Hip HOP close into the field.... ?!?! I jsut need to know so when I come up to hunt with you if I should wear mine too ;)

Congrats and thanx for posting the picture !!!
Yes that is what we wear in the field. Very rarely will you catch us in camo unless we are bowhunting. We also don't wear boots unless its snowed a lot, and it has to snow a lot for us to. We have a couple aces up our sleeve when we hunt so don't need all those gimmicks, kinda like that credit car commercial:

Cost of Camo: 0 dollars
Cost of boots: 0 dollars
Cost of all the other gimmicks: 0 dollars
DIY deer/elk hunt: Priceless lol