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2 Alberta Bull Elk Draw Tags


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Jul 6, 2009
Alberta, Canada
Well, we waited 15 years and decided to utilize our priorities gained to draw 2 bull ek tags in the same unit. My friend and i did the same tags 15 years ago and we had quite the adventure then......we got lost and spent the night on the prairie......whole other

We got down to our area the day before and did some scouting. We found one lone bull and he was just a spike so he was not in any danger. The next day had us touring our zone and we passed on a 6x6 herd bull in the am with approx 60 cows and a bunch of rag horns in the group. As we rounded a gap in the terrain we ran into another herd with a good bull and about 25 cows and smaller bulls mixed in. He looked good but was narrow....... I gave my buddy First right of refusal and he almost passed him up, but he said," I think he will do".

We snuck to within 300 yds but he was covered up with cows as they all slept on the hill around him, no shot provided. The group spooked eventually and we were on the chase again. My buddy missed one shot at 350 yds when we caught up to the herd as it gave him a slight window, rushed a shot and lesson learned. We hiked another 4 kms and finally got the shot we were looking for. 309 yds as they laid in a grassy bowl, bull got up and gave himself some room while he chased another bull away. Boom x2 from my buddy and his 6.5 Creedmor and the bull cart wheeled backwards.

as we walked up to the bull it just seemed to grow and grow......

sunrise from the first am as we surveyed the prairie.sunset deseret.jpg
Well , I hunted hard for another 6 full days and passed up a few bulls. On day 6 a new bull had showed up and he was gunna b mine. He wasn’t as big as my buddies, I knew that, I just had to make something happen as it seemed just right for timing. I had hunter hard and it was time to seal my tag. Watching him here up 60 cows and 30 rag horns was a sight to see. He was bugling and chasing cows and bulls all the time we watched him.

After a few failed stalks to get within 300 yards we got within 325 yards and I decided to take my shot.

Again he was down immediately. The walk up was great but he didn’t have what my buddies bull had for mass but he was a great representative of the species.

I walked up to the nearest hill and started sending texts that my hunt was over and the congratulations were flowing in.

Here is my bull IMG_6500.jpeg

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