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7 years

Congrats man! Beautiful bull. Glad it came together for you. Sounds like you got an awesome lady at home too.
Congrats and condolences. Losing my father is one of the tougher things I've lived. It sounds like your father was a good one.

Great bull.
awesome hunt and amazing bull. I've encountered that same feeling in the past with losing a parent, he was with you on that hunt...
Thanks everyone, super glad it all came full circle! I am very intrigued by elk and love taking older animals.. they are super tough. This bull was gored and had a huge puss ball on his lower chest. Did not smell pretty when i caped him out. Ive never aged one before but i know what an old bull looks like. Ive been comparing teeth on them every chance i get. My BIL just killed a great 300” bull and we guessed it to be 4-5 yrs old and it was significantly diff looking. (Sharper teeth/less wear)Any good dentists out there?! I plan on sending his lower jaw in. This is his top set.4FE06B06-240D-4DAA-90E6-1B5CD956FA74.jpeg


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Here is my last year bull from Idaho also.. i know this bull was pretty old too. Anyone have a guess to their age????EC1104DC-A9CA-4CDF-88DD-F308ECF954F1.jpeg10537CA3-1316-46E9-8073-F89A5E33DD39.jpeg
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I am very sorry to hear of your father's passing. An amazing bull that will mean a lot. It is nice having a great wife to support you as well. Congratulations.