5-Year Big Game Season Structure alternatives


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Nov 25, 2015
Thought I finished the testimony, but looks like I have another 2 hour block to go. I covered the most interesting bits though.

The plains deer change was "stayed", which means they'll re-examine it in September. At the moment, the new rifle dates will be Oct 20-31 every year. I think this is a reasonable change as I've started to come around to "rifle-in-the-rut is bad", but I've always focused on the archery hunting out there, so I am biased as this unintentionally makes archery better. One thing that has me head scratching is McDaniel wanting to get rid of late archery. Its said that few people take advantage of it, but then why eliminate the option for those that can?

The discussion around limiting OTC devolved into the same exact discussions many of us brought up during the early outreach - the implementation details matter! GMU level, DAU level, Statewide ... these are ALL possible and there's no reason we have to do GMU level just because that's how its usually done. Much of the discussion centered around "what if we just add limited on more select units" and it took hours for the point to get out that this will cause a domino effect. With each unit you limit, crowding in other units gets worse. Most people who previously hunted the "newly limited unit" will move to a different OTC unit instead of applying for their "old" unit.

I'm glad to see they tabled the decision making on fully limited, but I anticipate we're headed there in one form or another. I'm not necessarily opposed to this, as I believe the ever expanding population needs to be addressed. I'm expecting licenses will be attainable on 2nd choice but I could eat my words on that one.