#4 hog trapped since 3/15 !


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Here's a big hog we just trapped at my friend's place near town. Here it is in the trap, but trying to get out.

Notice the bent steel wire?


Here's his tusks!

Pretty awesome hog there, the biggest from the trap yet.
That is a very nice looking pig, looks like he has busted one of his tusks. Great pics, thanks for sharing... :D
wow tom thats awsome. russ tusks are used for fighting and wetters are used for digging so a broken wetter is not uncommon on a pig.they hit roots or rocks and in a rush for food they will keep digging even if it causes them pain.
Wheeeew I bet your cholesterol is something else Tom with all those ole hogs you been catchen. That's a great shot of his tusks. I bet he was dead when you took that picture.
is a side view of him. He's a pretty handsome hog!

My cholesterol is under treatment but I think it was do to pizza and genes, not the hogs.

Want to have a weight guessing?
You're in 2nd place, DixieLady! Except your name and all the big deer in Alabama, those are better than 2nd place! Ain't that the berries!

(I learned that at your web page.)
Thanks for visiting our home page web page.
And yes! There's been plenty of good hunting and fishing going on down this way this past season and from the looks of it, coming up season looks to be just as good if not better for a lot of folks.
Congrats to Tim on guessing the correct weight!
This was the first time I ever tried guessing the weight of any critter just by looking at it.

The pictures don't look like him much, its hard to guess. tnctcb did really well though! He's only off, or maybe the scale was off, and he's right, by 9 pounds, which is pretty incredible.
I have to admit that I am not much for shooting fish in a barrel, but it's no different than buying pork in the store. If it is keeping you fed, more power to you. You could probably use a .22 pistol behind the ear with that trap.
We have about 1.5 million hogs in this state, from estimates I've read. I've also read, we have 1 million elk in the whole country. Trapping and killing hogs here is as much for habitat preservation as anything. Even the neighbors that don't like hunting are very happy that we are trapping hogs. Some places where they can, they shoot them and let them lie. If we hunted them, they would easily run to neighbors property and die at this place, especially because they are so nocturnal there. Lots of people hunt them with dogs, and they can get 4-5 per night doing that, but that hasn't happened in this area yet. I think I like this trapping better than any other trapping I can think of, because the food is great!

Trapping is very effective at this place. Its a suburb neighborhood where people have small acreage, with horses and some cattle and even a few potbelly pigs. Very few of the neighborhood people hunt, but they don't like how the hogs tear up their property and fences. A mile or two away is several sections of land only hunted by the family that owns it. This place is a very good application of trapping, I think. Its close enough to work and home to check the trap a lot and save the hog meat, so I haven't even put water in the trap although later this summer we may do that.

Even the neighbors who don't like hunting, like very much that we are trapping hogs.

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