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Mar 10, 2001
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For those who shoot the 22-250 AI I thought ya'll might be interested in the results of some test I ran using the Hornady 60 grain Vmax and 75 grain Amax.

All loads were developed using a Rem 700 with a Shilen SS select match barrel with a 1-9 twist that is 25 inches.

All loads were weighed individually and chronographed using a Oehler 35 chronograph set 15 feet from muzzle. The once fired cases were neck sized only.

60 grain Vmax
40.0 grains of H380, Fed 210M primer, WW brass once fired.

Average vel for 10 shots was 3630 fps with no signs of excess pressure. Extraction was easy and accuracy was good. 5 shot group at 100 yards was .673.

75 grain Amax
42 grains of RL19, Fed 210M primer, WW brass once fired.

Average vel for 10 shots was 3287 with no signs of excess pressure. Extraction was easy. 5 shot group at 100 yards was .628.

The only way I had to check for excess pressure was to measure the case head just ahead of the extraction groove and compare it to a once fired case. I found the differene to be from .0002 to .0003.

I have purposely not listed the COL for the loaded rounds because I have a custom chamber.

The above works great in my particular rifle.

Pecos, I have a 22-250AI and don't regret having my rifle rechambered from the 22-250. The only regret I do have is not having it rebarreled with a faster twist. It has a 1 in 14" and haven't tried the heavier bullets as of yet to see how they shoot in it but would like to try the 60 grainers. I have only used 40 to 55gr. I feel that I'm losing the benefit of the extra case capacity by not being able to shoot heavier bullets.

I have also been experimenting with Danzac and moly like substitute. It cleans up (about 90%) with Butches Bore Shine. It seems to work fairly well as far as keeping the barrel from building up copper.

Sorry for rambling on!!

Good luck with your AI.

Howdy Jude,

When I had a 1-14 twist, I shot a 70 grain speer bullet that did pretty good. You will not get benchrest groups, but it shot less than an inch. About 3/4 of an inch was prob average. Don't remember the exact load I used, but I used H414 powder and got the load from an old Hodgdon manuel.

You might give the 60 grain Vmax a try, Hornady recommends on the box a 7-12 twist, but I would think they could probably be stabilized enough to get a decent group and hunt with. They shore do a job on coyotes down here.

Pecos, I think I will give those 60gr. V-Max a try. I have been using H 414 with good results and RL-15 has been good too. I will keep you posted.

Pecos, I just picked up 2 boxes of 60gr. Hornady V-Maxs for my 22-250 AI. Did you have any loads that would be good to start with H 414? I have been checking around and found some with IMR 4064 and may have to buy a pound soon.

Good shooting,

HI Jude, not to interupt here or anything, but MLM and I had one of those things here for a couple of days last summer. Hind sight being 20/20, sure wish we had it back. Sold it on a Monday, and the following Saturday the guy who bought it in Florida won a bench match with it, he shot a .28 or .32 or something like that. It was loaded with either ww760 or H380 and 55gr NBT's as I remember.

The load is on accuratereloading.com if you want to check it and several others out. Good luck, and sorry to interupt. ;) WD
Thank-you WD, I will check it out. I have had this for about 2 years and I'm still looking for a good load. Although it shoots less than 3/8" groups at 100yds., I still am searching for that ultimate load (one hole groups). I think I should have went with a 1 in 10" or 1 in 9" barrel! I like the heavier bullets in the 60gr. to 75gr. range. Mine is 1 in 14" and is limited to 40 to 60gr.

Thanks again,

Howdy Jude,

I use 40 grains of H380 in my 22-250AI, that works the best for me with the 60 grain vmax.

That is shot from a 26 inch barrel with a 1-9 twist. Gives me 3600+ velocity and great accuracy out to 500 yards. I have some loads around here somewhere that I used to use when I had a 1-14 twist barrel, will find them and post here.

I have gone almost totaly to the 75 grain amax using 42 grains of RL19, great accuracy and just a bit over 3300. That is one of the loads I am going to use in a 500 yard shoot in May.

Hope this helps.

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