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2022 Spring Bears


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Jul 14, 2011
Hodale, Idaho
So after our pre lunch nap we ate then were prepared for the post lunch nap when my friend started scrambling for his binoculars. It was him bang flop, fist bump. 20220523_222212.jpg

We didn't realize that this was a different bear until we got to looking at the pictures my friend took two days earlier. He was in the exact same spot but with the chewed ear and slightly different color we figured it out. If you look at the 4 pics above its pretty obvious.


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Dec 19, 2000
Let’s shoot a nice ram and look for likes by putting a great big naked man in our trophies eye and then put people down for killing for the gram. You had everyone’s attention @Greenhorn but you condemn everything you do if someone else does it looking for the comedy and the likes and so forth.
Love me a little creative humor. You in the market for a dual taco holder?

story time

5/11/19: I missed out on the best ridiculing of a bear hunter EVER - one of my best friends. Was glassing a ridge and a dark brown bear stepped out below. It was under a lot of canopy from where we sat, but initial look was good, but we didn't evaluate it well for sure. Friend set up his rifle and when the bear stepped back out he shot and it went out of sight but certainly hit well. We split up and I ended up finding the bear, a sow. What I regret NOT doing, to this day, was retrieving my friend and telling him, YOU JUST GOT A GIANT BEAR - GOTTA BE 7ft with a giant ol pumpkin head!.. and then carefully leading him to his bear and on the couple minute walk telling him all the while how awesome of a bear he got. THEN, drumroll... videoing his face as he walks up on it. SUCH a missed opportunity of wonderful humor.

Honey, why is there a dog hide hanging in the garage?!?!

Post up a rockchuck sized sow on social media with some hashtags, and brighten my day. The most common lingo of 2022 is the "pretty colored" or "beautiful blonde" sow bear. "I've passed up many bigger but just couldn't resist the color" on this one. Always love the "he/him" pronoun usage on those sows that must identify as a boar. BEAR HUNTING!

And yes, my avatar is SUPPOSED to be funny. It's a BB sized head (mine) behind an average sheep head with a iphone .5 lens that is almost used always on today's dink-a-stretch hunter hero photos.
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Nov 13, 2020
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Love me a little creative humor. You in the market for a dual taco holder?
Nah. I’ll pass on the taco holder. Thanks though. Good to know you’ve got an extra laying around😂

Good story, and a great rendition of my picture.

Serious question about hunting bear, what is the standard?? The bear I shot last year was a smaller sow. Am I ashamed?? No. Just curious, because lots of sows get shot every year, so is it just taboo to shoot them in quota units which shuts down hunting for the season in that area, or is it just improper to shoot sows period. I’ve been in the woods a lot, hunting, and I’m a logger so I work many hours there. Bears don’t show themselves much in my experience, and if you only have a few days to do a hunt, it’s pretty easy to take any legal opportunity. I’m not trying to go down the rabbit hole again, I’d just like some genuine input. If it’s under 300 you don’t shoot or???? I will also attest to the ground shrinkage issue with bears. They just seem to flatten right out 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh, and humor is always good. Cheers 🍻

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