2003 ND bucks


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Dec 10, 2001
North Dakota
Here are a few pictures of the bucks the wife and I took last weekend on the opening day of our deer season.

This is only my wife's 2nd buck and she was understandably quite happy with it. Looks like I am going to have some serious competition in years to come if she ever decides to not shoot the first one she sees.


A slightly different angle:

This is the one I ended up tagging. Had fully intended to wait for a dandy but my trigger finger got a little itchy.


Just heard the other night that one of the neighbors probably ended up taking the big non-typical I had planned on getting. I would really like to see that rack close up but I'm afraid if I do it will only make me cry like a baby.
That one looks plenty big enough to me. Congrats to you and your wife, Bwana.

Way to go Bwana. Those are some nice bucks the two of you took.

I am in SD chasin' whities right now. Yesterday I saw one that looks like yours. He and a doe were pushed right by me and stopped at 50 yards. He was a beautiful buck and I wanted to shoot bad, but it was my first day out. I am hoping he will stick around, but I have to hold out a little longer.

Hope I din't end up kicking myself later.

Also, were these two bucks rutting? We saw a few bucks chasing does and then others that ere showing no signs.

How do you do your hunting around there? We have been sitting, rattling and a couple of drives, but unfortunately there is also quite a bit of pasture driving with the pick-up.
Nice Bwana!

My trigger finger got itchy today and I took a running shot on a buck a tad smaller than yours! That was after passing up nicer mulie yesterday, so I know how that itchy trigger finger thing goes. Anyhow, he got away unscathed and I was not sad!

Congrats again!
Thanks for the kind words from one and all.

The Missus' buck was actually with a doe but we didn't see anything nasty going on
and mine was laying up all by his lonesome, so it was hit and miss in our area too.

As for how we hunt, it depends on the conditions and the area but it tends to be either sitting or what we call walking. Our "walking" is essentially small drives whether through sloughs, cattails, shelterbelts, or CRP fields.

I KNOW it is totally wrong to shoot at a running deer, just read what all the experts have to say about it
, but in my country standing shots are dang few and far between. Matter of fact, of the all the deer I have shot over the years less then 20% have been standing shots. O.K. let the abuse begin.

Can't wait to see the pictures of your SD buck, good luck.
I KNOW it is totally wrong to shoot at a running deer,

You gotta be kidding??

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Many times, when I see a standing deer, I will shoot behind it, or over it, or in front of it, just to get it to run. And then, to keep from ruining much of the meat, I will usually try and shoot it in a hoof, and then follow that up quickly with a couple of shots to the stomach.

It seems to work very well for me...



North Dakota is awesome for whitetails! Nice looking deer Bwana! Seven days of busting cattail sloughs, sweet clover and shelterbelts resulted in five bucks and eight does for our hunting party of nine.

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