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Wife’s buck

Nice work and great pic! Are you going to have to have surgery on your knee?
Ya I’ll have surgery before the end of the year. Doctor described my acl as scrambled eggs. I’m assuming that’s not good 😂. Partial meniscus tear too
That happened to me 7 years ago and it sucked. Get on a stationary bike now and maintain that muscle tone leading up to surgery. I had surgery in late March, worked hard at rehabbing it and was back out in the fall for hunting season. Take care of yourself and don't push it too early. It is a long, frustrating road back. If I remember correctly it takes 2 years on average to recover your full strength in that leg.
Nice work by your wife! I'm sure that rifle is a pleasure to shoot.

Adrian Peterson won the NFL MVP as a running back after his ACL surgery...
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