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Aug 1, 2002
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When you guys hunt whitetails out there in Idaho what do you use for a set-up? Do you generally use your elk gun or do some of you have a different set-up for whitetails?
Why do I ask? I hunt around Moscow. I used to live there and still return. After hunting there a few years (and following some bad advise) I am thinking about getting a set-up a little more ideal for the terrain. I have been using a 7MM Mag with a 3x9 Leopold scope which is a bitch at close range in my opinion. I am looking to get something a little more suitable for close range shooting. Like a .270 with a 1x4 scope or open sights. Something to do some busting with. Any thoughts?
If the shots are close and your going with a smaller powered scope, I would go with something that shoots a bigger, heavier bullet. I consider the .270 more of an open spaces rifle than a short thumper. Something, like a .338-06 or 35 Whelen would work on that same action.
I usually hunt mulies in my region and these are my primary hunting rifles for deer.
1) Winchester 94 Legacy 30-30 with 2X - 7X Leupold scope.
2) Remington 760 .243 with 2.8x - 10X Simmons Aetac scope

I've also used a .308 Remington or Browning BAR rifle but these are really my "elk rifles".

I love my short 30-30 for most of my deer hunting. Mornings is spot with binoculars and stalk or late afternoon ambush. Out to about 200 yards or so, 30-30 is amazingly lethal with moderate recoil. But the .243 has a whole lot more "reach" and is also quite deadly on even large mulies in the 300 lb size. .243 is not ideal for really gusty/windy days out on the open prairie. The light bullets can drift. For those conditions, the old .308 is ideal.

In reality, the .308 could be used for all my hunts. But owning several rifles satisfys my need to have a bit more options.

Good hunting to you.
I can say from experience that the .270 works very well at short ranges with the proper bullet. 1_p's suggestions are also said to be good choices. Your idea of a low-or no-magnification sight is a good choice; even a fixed 2X or 3X are great. Personally I prefer scopes to open sights due to their light-gathering abilities, but that's just me. I've also used a peephole-type iron sight with some success.

As soon as I drive up to Idaho to hunt muley dinks with Moosie I'll let you know how .270 does out there.
i would think that you could stick with the 7mm.......try rem cor lok , works fine at close ranges.....and if ya got one out there a bit, you will still ba able to reach out and touch um.
Like JB said...unless this is just an excuse
to buy another rifle

There is really not much difference between a 270 (.277 dia.) & 7mm.(.284 dia.) Just get the heavier projectiles and wap away

When we go out shooting does, I dont see much difference between the 2 calibers as long as you dont use the really lite 7mm loads (like 139grains to 160grains)

If you want a dramatic conclusion to your hunt I can recomend a 416 magnum.
I had to stop a charging whitetail buck this fall with mine and it put him right down.
It was a total pass thru (longways) at 35 yards
After living here in eastern Montana for a while it seems the most important part of the local whitetail set up is a good V8 and a semi-auto rifle.
a 270 is a great whitetail rifle. i have 2 of them and it is by far my favorite caliber.if you already have the 7mm use it if you just want a new rifle get a short mag there is a guy here who used a 300 wsm on a whitetail at 7 yards and he said it did a fine job.while that was meant humorous it is true and that cant be said for alot of the magnums that make a clean hole and dont mushroom at close ranges

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