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Mar 31, 2017
I saw a post on here about a year ago where a fellow HT member SGC B was looking for a place to hunt here in Indiana for him and a few friends. I never met or talked with him but he had responded to some of my posts and I on his. I knew he was a retired veteran, that he lives in Colorado, and lived in Indiana but other than that we knew 0 about each other. I talked to my wife and we gave him an invite to come and hunt on some land that I manage. He accepted my offer and asked if it would be alright if CPO and possibly a couple others I told him if he could vouch for them then that is all I need.
I told people about this and was excited about them coming but the reaction I got from some was "What are you thinking..you don't know these guys at all!" Many were surprised that my wife went along with it. I explained to them that this wasn't a decision we didn't just jump on nor did we insist on background checks. We took a chance based off of good old fashioned communication and faith....plus we have Brenna our German Shepherd and if she likes them then they are good folks!
So was I crazy? Did I put my self in a scenario that could have went South?
I believe that we have become "conditioned" over time to be unhospitable to strangers. Think about our ancestors that traveled to unknown areas. They didn't have phones, internet, background checks or the Holiday Inn. They would meet complete strangers and share a camp or stay in a house and share a meal. There were far more dangers they had to deal with. We see in the news or hear stories about the bad things people do to each other but do we really stop and think about the statistics of that really happening to us? These guys could have been complete morons, rude, or at worst unethical "hunters" and I would have had to ask them to leave. That is the risk we took. The risk they took was upsetting my wife which I warned them about before they arrived 😉.
So how did it end up going? Well SFC is a great guy! We are friends for life and I would drop whatever I was doing and jump on a plane to CO if he needed anything. He hit it off with my wife and she thinks he is great...he is a music lover like she is if you can call some of that stuff music! CPO same thing great guy love his stories! I was so happy that he killed his first whitetail buck on this hunt and a good one at that. SFC's college friend Jon was a hoot and we are friends as well. We all killed deer, ate good food, played euchre, drank some beer, sipped some whiskey, cracked jokes and had some good humor pokes at each other (which the wife really got into).
I appreciate these guys and what they have been through and done fore our country. So opening up my house and hunting land to them was an honor and the least I could do for them. They are my friends for life!
So am I crazy? Heck yes! But not for opening up my home and entertaining strangers..


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Oct 9, 2019
I began participating on fishing forums in the early 00s. I used to get the same reservations from my wife, then my girlfriend, and others about meeting ‘strangers from the internet’. Some of these people have become some of my closest friends who I’ve opened my home up to many times and vice versa. Not all are Americans, and I’ve fished all over the world with some of these friends experiencing some of the local culture like I couldn’t without, well, locals (one holiday on the rural, NW coast of Ireland really jumps to the front of my mind).

Anyway, we all here share similar passions and outlooks. Chances of meeting good folks on these multiweb boards is IMO higher than most anywhere else.
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Mar 2, 2013
Colorado Springs
Just saw this.....I (and CPO) am a very fortunate man to count Joel and his bride in our quiver of great friends/ brothers and sisters. Generosity is something that is hard to quantify but utterly priceless. Ooening your home this is monstrous example of faith. Sharing that week with friends new and old (35 years in the case of Jon) filled my heart completely. Filling freezers and being able to donate 2 does to hungry folks were just big bonuses. I love my home state and my friends 😀

I am also thankful for the spirit and fellowship of Hunt Talk.


Dec 27, 2010
Pacific NW
Well, after all if you can’t meet new friends now and then, what’s the point of all this. Sounds like a great time was had by all and there will probably be more in the future.(y)


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Feb 25, 2007
Gaithersburg Md
My dad was an open house guy and I followed suite. We've taken wounded worriers and vets out.
One long time member on here contacted me years ago about his son, Young Dan was stationed in DC and I in turn introduced him to my son Jarrod to Dan and there friendship is still strong today.
It's great to hear storied of people who are lead by there hearts to help out others.

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