Wyoming Elk Zone #61 ??

Sure, I'll make a general comment.
I hope the welfare ranchers haven't severely overgrazed it and you can find a place to camp that isn't covered with cow pies.
We miss you in SI!
I'm not sure what part of the area you want info on but the western part is wilderness, the rest is open country. Hunting elk there is kind of like hunting antelope.

Quite a few wolves in the area, calf survivel is low but still lots of elk. Goverment trappers are in the right now takeing out a pack that is killing too many cattle.
Wyote......thanks for the reply.......

What's the terrain like in the portion of National forest that's not in the wilderness.....is that pretty open too ?

If you get much snow , can you still access that portion of forest ?

Is there much BLM land in the unit ?
There is very little timber on the NF that isn't in the wilderness.It's like being above timberline. There are some pockets of timber up picket creek and over into Meeteetse creek, but not much. You can get to this area when it snows.

The wilderness has more timber and the only way to drive to it is the jack creek trail head and it's accessable when it snow. They don't plow the roads anywhere up there, so be prepared.

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