Wyoming Elk Planning with 11 Points as NR

No need to call him up. He was hunting either Wyoming elk unit 16 type 2 or Wyoming elk unit 19 type 2. You are right in that range of points (12 points for 19 and 16 for unit 16) so you should probably put in for that hunt next fall.
You're spending a lot of time on this thread looking into a crystal ball.
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I don’t really have a desire to hunt white antlered bulls in sage flats. I’ll stick with the great general units with big scary gbears in them…hope everyone keeps building those points for 7,19,16, ect. Doesn’t seem like much of a hunt to me driving around racing people to the next sage flat hoping they’re on public.
Well hell guys, if you’re going to spot burn and throw units out, do it on thread that won’t help anyone. That’s why I created the Wyoming max point thread.
Unfortunately it was only 76% chance last year with 12 points for Regular tag and I imagine that the increase in Special tag costs will increase the points needed.
Or potentially decrease the points needed for a Special Tag ;)

I spoke to a game warden in September and he thinks it won't have an impact on the already 1-2 point increase/year for normal creep.

As Buzz said, his advice is worth its weight in gold. Those of you with short fuses, accept the sting of correction as far as it helps and go easy on him or he will eventually stop giving out good advice.
Ya know. Area 95 is a good place for elk plus it’s a bit longer season. The country is awesome. Always a chance for a bear or wolf too.
Hey, just wondering what your guys’ “go to” boots is? And anyone have any back favorite pack companies?
Hey, just wondering what your guys’ “go to” boots is? And anyone have any back favorite pack companies?
Someone wants to change topic? Or you all still having a p_ _ _ing match about what area, what time of day to be sitting on this certain rock looking this certain direction, using this gun with this bullet. but watch your back because smokey the bear comes for this direction. Do your own home work make your choice, live with it and hunt like hell.
My buddy found this bull in September, never could get it done with a bow:


I found the bull on November second, 22 miles in a straight line from where my buddy last saw it in September. He missed it the day this picture was taken.


Found it again on the 5th of November, my buddy got it killed on the 9th:


There were ZERO cows, but 17 bulls in the area where he killed it. Don't see how bombing around hunting cows in November/December would have done any good.

Only time finding cows is valuable at all is during the rut, rest of the year its a waste of time (unless you have a cow tag or want to shoot spikes and rags).

There's a reason a majority of NR elk hunters head home with a tag in their pocket.

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