WTS: Canadian Waterfowl and Black Bear Hunt Combo With Wing Master Outfitting


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Jul 20, 2018
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So my son won a hunt on Dec. 2021 thru Pro Membership Sweepstakes. We were not able to go last year so the outfitter pushed the hunt out to Sept. 2023 for us. My son has now decided that buying a truck is more important (teenagers), so he has asked me to post his hunt for sale.

It is a $13,000 hunt that he would like to sell for $8,000 OBO.

Please fell free to contact me with any questions.

Hunt description (This is for 2 people)
A 7 night lodging with 5 day hunt for waterfowl (ducks and geese) Mon-Fri as well as 1 black bear for each hunter which is hunting evenings Monday through Saturday. License and tags for all target species. Ammunition for the waterfowl hunt as well as all guide service and bird cleaning as well as field prep for bears harvested.

*Not included in this package is airfare or transportation to Alberta Canada and and any expenses incurred traveling to or from. Meat processing for your bear. Transportation of trophies for export back to your home destination. Tips and gratuities for guides and staff. Recommend minimum of 10-15% of total cost of trip.

Here is a link to the drawing that he won

Here is a link to the oufitter
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That might be the most interesting combo hunt I've ever seen, what an awesome opportunity!

I don't know your kid or what the situation is on his take on the adventure. But, if he passes that opportunity to share that amazing adventure with his ol man. He'll be kicking himself in the ass the rest of his life.

They make new trucks everyday, you don't get lifetime opportunities like that every day.

Whatever happens I hope it works out. Good luck
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