Would you risk your life...


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Mar 28, 2001
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For the trophy of a lifetime?

If an animal that would put you in the record book is somewhere that you would have to put your health and even life at great risk to get a shot at it. Would you cross a raging river or climb a rocky cliff or something like that?

I am wondering how you all feel about the BIG ONE!
Not intentionally! Unfortunately, I always seem to look at situations and say "That's not too bad...." and so I keep on going until I look around and ask myself "Have you LOST YOUR MIND? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"
So...like I say, not intentionally, but.....
It must be an Arizona thing. I'm like Jim. I tend to compare everything I see to everything I've seen and deduce the relative liability from the comparison. So far, everything has looked like a walk in the park. Well, almost.

If you mean would I risk a safari through the elephant grass when I knew there were Indians hunting good guys in there, not for the biggest elk in the world. Would I walk out into the desert without water for a book mule deer, no way. Would I find my self three miles of vertical real estate from the nearest road, with 20 minutes of daylight left and no flashlight, sleeping bag, or jacket, in November, in northern Arizona, in the snow, for a big bull.....never again. :cool:
I too seem to find myself in bad situations from lack of foresight as opposed to a conscious decision. I most often hunt alone, have been known to chase downed geese into icy rivers, get "confused" about my location for periods of time, and start up steep stuff without thinking. I would never put gaining a trophy in front of my love and desire to spend the rest of my life with my wife, kids ( and dog! ), but sometimes I wonder what the He11 I was thinking!!!!

Frig it i say put in the hard yards and reap the benefits,no good sitting back on the porch in the rocking chair when you are eighty and thinking shiit if only i had taken the chance when i had it given to me but was too afraid at the time ----yeah guys go for it--------- crossing the road is dangerous too boys but does that stop ya???
I would do a lot of things for a shot at a trophy animal. Especially a trophy elk
I can sit right here, tell you and myself that "NO" I would not risk my life for a mere trophy, but I would be fooling both of us! If I saw or thought I would see the trophy of my dreams, I would probably risk all, for this is the guy who raced motorcycles into his late 20's, tried his first bull ride at a rodeo and wrestled a 700 lb. black bear at a county fair at the age of 36. So I guess the answer is YES! - memtb ;)

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