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A life long dream comes true and story about hounds racoon and lions

Congratulations on a great hunt! Thanks for writing it up. I miss lion hunting. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as finding a track, listening to the dogs sort it out and then walking up to a big Tom in the tree.
Great write up! Thank you for sharing something so personal with all of us. Way to make your dreams happen and turn them into reality, too!
I’ve always wanted to hunt lions behind dogs but I’d kind of moved it to the back of my brain. this story brought it right back to the front. Awesome write up!
Wow, what a great story. Something about watching a dog do their thing is so special. I know nothing about cats, but yours looks like a good one. How old do those things get? Very cool and congratulations!!
How old do those things get?
Talking with the bio and warden when I checked him in they said female's will have such bad tooth wear they can't really age them so 10+yrs old. They said most Tom's are 5-9yo closer to the 5 age.
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I had debated writing this at all as this hunt meant so much to me personally I didn’t know if I would be able to convey the meaning of it to you as readers. I hope that the raw emotion came out and I did the hounds justice and most importantly did Stryker justice in writing this story.

You got it done. An amazing story. You did it well, congratulations, top to bottom.
That is simply an awesome story, I also want to do this soon. I absolutely love chasing bear in the Appalachian mountains behind good hounds whether they are redbones, walkers, or some other great hound. Mine is laying here beside me tonight as always.
One of those threads that makes me feel like I should be paying for this. Thanks for sharing! Congrats on a great adventure!
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Fantastic write-up, thank you for sharing! How did y'all prepare the mountain lion? Have been wanting to sink my teeth into one for a good while.
How did y'all prepare the mountain lion?
Found the outfitter I went with after doing some research, social media actually helped a lot. Than did some Google searches about different outfitters and the one I went with seemed pretty damn good.

Than it was just saving money for the last 15yrs or so. I didn't want $ to become an issue when planning this so spared no expenses, as far as outfitter and mount go.

Physically the hunt I went on was not demanding at all. Hope that helps.