World Record Moose

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Nov 30, 2001
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I didn't get any details a friend only sent these pic. This is what you call a mountain of meat. Was taken in Russia





Must be a two year supply of meat there
That's one awesome moose! I think it was killed last year, because I'm sure I've seen the pics before. Awesome!

Casey... Jeff Corey here... Mr. .300 Weartherby partial trade for a 2003/04 moose hunt! Do you mean that's not the the type of bulls you guys shoot! lol :D

Didn't realize you were a fellow "Hunttalker"

Good fu*k that thing is almost as big as my__________ ah yeah right. Is that potential world record or official. And is it alskan yukon moose? or are they a different subspecies in russia?
That's a shooter but I'm not convinced it's a world record. Maybe if it was taken with a BB gun. By the way, I think I have the world record baby rabbit with a daisy air gun. I wish I had a picture to prove it. This bunny is huge!
Those pic were sent to me only saying it is a new world record i wish i had more info.

Where would you hang something that big?

Would your wife let you?

My wife would let me but I'd have to raise the roof
Finding a place to have that puppy would certainly be a chore. Maybe I could hang it at Moosie's house :D

Actually there is a supermarket in Pinedale that has mounts going around the entire market. It makes for a really cool market. They started letting people hang their trophies on the walls because they had no place to hang them. The hunters name and location of harvest are with each mount. If any of you are ever in Pinedale, Wyoming, you should stop in the local supermarket and take a look.
Standard "Tropht" photos where the placement of the hunter makes the trophy look larger to the extent of being larger than life. While it is a NICE moose I would like to have seeen the shot with the rifle on the rack and or the hunter in the foreground to give a true representation of size.

Again not to flame the hunter as that is one Nice Moose but just how big is it really?
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