Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Are there any Wolves in Montana ? And if so, How come they are producing any ELK ?

Acording to Everybody in Idaho Elk are all gone due to wolves... Just wondering how Montana is keeping them out ?
My reasoning is due to better quality habitat. Where I hunt in Idaho the wolces truly are pounding the crap out of the elk, moose, and deer; but I also think the habitat is not the best it could be. Areas with good habitat still have elk. The wolves are definitely having an impact though.
Moosie, i don't know the exact number but yes we do have wolves and they are having an impact on our elk.
Does anyone know how many elk a wolf pack takes per year. I am guessing, but it seems like they would kill about as many as 5 or 6 mountain lions. I believe they take about 1 per week each.

However, I can totally see a wolf pack running the elk out of the country or making them more likely to die from winter kill, by running them.
You forgot though conda, those montana wolves do have one predatory animal that will take a few. I saw one once on TV.

( LAND SHARK ). Craftiest critter in them there woods.
Moosie is the Craftiest critter in them there woods. (Wolves are 2nd

Here is an Article that Idaho F/G has out :


Dale, I'm not sure how many Critters they take down. I don't think ANYBODY really knows. I do know that they have an Impact. And I don't like them. But to hear all the Dam stories by unsucessfull hunters saying ther is "NO" bulls left becasue of the Wolves is Flat out Funny to me.
Tens of millions of em, decending on the rocky Mt.s like a cloud of locus.
Every pack of wolves has at least five hundred, and each one is bigger than a buffalo.
Each wolf eats four or five elk a day, not to mention poodles and children. Teeth like a great white shark and claws longer than a grizzlys. They can run a hundred miles an hour, and jump over a ten foot fence.
Shooting em don't do squat, just pisses em off, the only hope is to nuke em !!!
Run for your lives, everybody move to New York city, (it's the only safe place !)
That was some funny shit Anaconda!

I found wolf tracks in two places I haven't seen them before this year. I am going to start carrying strictnine or some chit like that to lace my carcasses with after I leave them. Phuck the predators! More elk for me! And I need as many as the woods can hold to even have a chance at getting one!