Wolves are legal????????


Dec 29, 2002
I was watching one of the news channels when I caught a snipet of text going across the bottom of the screen that read something like:

"Wyoming declares wolves as predators that can be killed anywhere for any reason"

Anybody know anything about this? or did I mis read the text?
As of this time there are no changes in the wolf situation and there will be no delisting of the wolf in the year 2003. This is what I was told by Wyoming G&F today.
I was told that there was a bill trying to be passed right now that would alow any wolves that come out of the park far game I wish they would do that in MT....
Well......I can tell you.......the best way to find out if it's legal or not is to ride out and shoot you a pick-up full.....parade them through town......you will know soon enough......
Like that ol boy who road around Meeker that time bragging about baggin the biggest elk anybody had ever seen-it was a moose.
This is a good rumor. Keep spreading it! Especially if you decide to hunt in Idaho!


Wolves: Kill em' all!
I'll not get it all correct but, Wy. wants three classifications. Protected in the park, listed as a game animal in wilderness areas, and preditor status in the rest of the state.
The Fremont Co. Commissioners passed a bill (?) to kill every wolf in the county( I hope I got that right). -memtb
Our Federal gov't has no authority over wolves that are located on state or private lands. Only federal lands come under their authority. Please read the 10th Amendment sometime.

Wolves are killed in WY, ND, MT, and SD every year. This typically occurs on privately owned land. Wolves are NOT compatible to the cattle industry. Many Stockmen Associations offer a reward for dead wolves. This upsets federal officials but they have never won a single case in court to overcome the 10th Amendment state's rights issue.

FACT: Wolves will kill beef cattle at every opportunity because they're easier to catch than deer, elk, and other wild animals.

Sorry Jack, wolves have thousands of opportunities to kill cattle every month in Idaho and we rarely hear of them killing one. How many cattle have you heard about being killed by wolves in MT, WY, and Idaho in the last five years? (out of millions of opportunities the wolves have had)
I know nothing about Idaho wolf problems. Our newspaper does not feature Idaho news events. The Belle Fourche Stockmens Asso. (SD) paid a bounty on a wolf in 1995 that had killed over a dozen sheep one night.

Park County Wyoming (my boyhood home) paid a bounty in 2000 for a wolf which had killed several calves in April of that year.

I recently read in Outdoor Life that elk calves in Yellowstone Park have a low survive rate due to wolves. Like I said before, wolves will catch and eat anything they can. Except humans.
So I guess those wolves you mentioned never had an opportunity to kill a cow? If they did the cow would be dead, according to your post. Do you think they never saw or scented a cow before someone killed them for the bounty?
I'm not clear as to the exact question you've asked. But I perceive a denial attitude that wolves prey on cattle.

You do not have to take my word for anything. Check with Stockmens Asso. on your own. Check with a wildlife biologist that is not part of a bunny hugger organization. Check with the Yellowstone County wardens.

Good luck with your research. I wish you well.
Jack, There's no doubt that wolves will kill cattle. They do it occasionally. But here's what you said:
"FACT: Wolves will kill beef cattle at every opportunity because they're easier to catch than deer, elk, and other wild animals."

That's not true. Wolves have many opportunities to kill cattle, probably hundreds of opportunities in a week when they're around where cattle are. I suppose they could kill every cow grazing in the National Forests if they wanted to without much problem. But for some reason they don't, do they? In fact, how many cattle do you know of that have been killed by wolves in the US in the last ten years? I can't think of more than a dozen or two dozen reports I've heard. If wolves were killing cattle at every opportunity they have, don't you think we'd be hearing reports of cattle being killed every day?

You're greatly exaggerating the actual case, and calling it a "Fact". And that's the type of misinformation that just confuses the issue of wolf re-introduction.

If you can find any evidence that wolves kill cattle at every opportunity they get please post it here. But think about this; when wolves have actually killed cattle there were probably many cattle around at the time. Wolves didn't kill the whole herd even though they "had the opportunity", did they? So your "fact" has been exposed as an uninformed and poorly thought out opinion, nothing more.

I'm not a fan of wolves, but I understand the Endangered Species Act and know what's possible to do to live with the wolves that have been re-introduced. Maybe that's what you should be researching, instead of making wild claims and calling them "Fact"s.

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How did this topic end up in the Elk forum?
F#*k them wolves, if they leave the refuge where they were protected blow em away if you like. They were hunted to be removed for a reason. Like it or not where they are removed the usefullness of them thinning game has been replaced by man, top of the food chain wins. they reintroduced them here in wisconsin and all it has done is piss off landowners who spent hard earned money for deer hunting land, to find that the wolves kill off the deer big time. I know ithica will have something to say about that but all i can say is what i say about guys who are against the death penalty for criminals, and that is "bring em to your house and let them live with you" Dont get me wrong, they have their place but its where man doesnt do the bulk of his hunting.

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Schmalts, I'm 100% in favor of hunting them, but we have to live with the Endangered Species Act which sets minimum levels of wolf populations to keep them off the Endangered list. I'd like to see them controlled at that minimum level. There doesn't seem to be any way to get the ESA changed.

And one thing I will say in favor of wolves is that they do a better job of weeding out the old cow elk than hunters do. I suppose it's the same way with deer. So when the older animals are killed the younger more productive females are left. That's a good thing.

We also have seen information that in spite of wolves in Wisconsin the deer herd is at record high numbers. Why is that? Is it because deer are growing in population where the wolves don't live? Just curious.

""The deer herd is at a record-high level, and it needs to be reduced for a number of reasons, including CWD," said Jeff Schinkten, president of Whitetails Unlimited, a national organization based in Sturgeon Bay."


"The problem is that the herd is way above these goals in many parts of the state, and this year we're seeing the cumulative effects of several years of skyrocketing whitetail reproduction.

Why so many deer?

Recent mild winters have caused little or no winter mortality in northern Wisconsin. In the south, where winter rarely affects deer survival, farms, rural houses, woodlots and habitat fragmentation have been wonderful for deer, though not for some other species. "We have excellent habitat for a very prolific animal; therefore, the population thrives," Craven says."


Here's more info:


Sounds like even with wolves in Wis. you can't keep deer numbers at good management levels!
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BuzzH:
Sounds to me like someones hunting abilities are being threatened by the big-bad wolf.

Abilities?? no, not quite,I have more than the ability to kill any wolf i see,hunting opportunities ? yes they do threaten that for some, but not me yet
I think you need to do a little reserch your self I know of more then 12 that have killed cows just in the past year (In Montana) do you think that every time a wolf kills a cow we are going to hear about it??? I dont think so that would look bad for all of the Biol. that thought it would be a great idea to bring them back..Tell me why did the old timers kill all the wolves off long time ago????? And why Am I going to have to pay more taxes so they can go shoot alot of buffalo in the park. Witch The wolves were going to take care of that problem... Maybe they just dont know the diff. from Elk and Buffalo because the Elk # are droping alot.....I got a lot of Fam. that think the woves are just fine up here...so I tell them well for the fun of it lets put two packs of wolves in central park and see how every one likes that and hell well just give you a grizz. to put there to free of charge do you think that would fly????

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