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wildfires and wildlife


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Jan 30, 2001
So, what is happening to all of the wildlife in the path of these big fires? Are they just getting moved around, getting killed, or running for their lives? Can they outrun the fires? Are the roads and highways being overrun by crossing animals trying to flee the fires? All I hear about is peoples homes and property. What kind of toll does this take on the game, big and small?
From the fires that I have seen elk deer and most big game make it out.. unless they get trappped in a canyon then its crispy critters...

smaller animals: porkypines squirrels chipmonks etc sometimes burn up..

it also depends on how fast the fire is bruning....

I have heard of a fire that burned and it went right over a bear den(during hibrynation) and the bear/cubs survived(dont know if its true just what I read)...

I would belive most would try to get out. In az I have seen deer and elk run to places where they dont normally go due to fires and seen them on the roads running away as well..

Elkchsr could probally tell some good stories he has seen...

Fires don't burn so fast that deer and elk can't get away from it. Generally it burns in a mosaic pattern and they don't even have to move that far to get away from the fire. Also, as soon as a fire comes through, they will be right back in there the next day. And, the following year (or maybe even sooner) the burned area will very likely be the best place to hunt.
This new fire in Co. is a lot different than any encountered thus far in that it sustained a burn of 5K acres an hour from five thousand to almost 80 thousand...There were probably a lot of animals that perished in that one...That is almost 8 square miles gone every hour...but elk can travel much farther sustained with out much problem, so as stated earlier, if they got caught in a canyon or some thing. Most all of the bigger ungulates would have made it out.....I haven't heard any thing on this yet. I was in Helena all day getting my truck up to DOT standards..Just a lot of little things that just took lots of time to fix...The above comment is only a guess, as I haven't gotten the skinny on it yet..I will pass on info when I hear more....There are a few FS guy's that may have better tie in's than I do on that info.... :D :D :D
The Hayman fire has now burned about 100,000 acres and still burning out of control. It has several fronts moving in different directions and the thunderstorms of last night formed on the plains east of the fire so there was no relief for firefighters. Right now they are consentrating on saving people and property. They are real heroes.

I have a friend who lives on the grounds of the US Air Force Academy, which is about 20 east of the fires and in their path. He told me that they have'nt seen any increase in wildlife numbers yet.

Heres the report on what is going on in Colorado via the daily incident report...There are big fires all over the U.S. But ther is a lot to wade thru so I thought I would just put up the Co. stuff....
If any one has any comments or ? about this same type of fire info for your area, just let me know, I will post that part to..Ca, Az, Ak, Hi, Nv, Ut, Nm have a lot of stuff going on also.....
NAME | | | |CTN| CTN |PERS | | | |LOSS|C-T-D
COAL SEAM |CO| GJX| 7500| 0| UNK| 177| 0| 29| 1| 38| NR
HAYMAN |CO| PSF| 19700| 10| UNK| 269| 10| 6| 0| 21| 79K
LONG CANYON |CO| GJD| 1100| 0| UNK| 7| 0| 1| 0| 0| NR
DIERICH CREEK |CO| GJD| 300| 0| UNK| 47| 0| 9| 0| 0| NR
MISSIONARY RIDG|CO| SJF| 6500| 0| UNK| 95| 4| 0| 2| 1| NR
TRINIDAD COMPLE|CO| PBX| 28926| 87| 6/10| 310| 9| 10| 2| 8| 1.0M
LYTLE |CO| DOD| 2682| 20| UNK| 70| 1| 12| 2| 0| 35K
BANTY |CO| CRD| 250| 0| UNK| 27| 0| 9| 0| 0| NR

WOLF, Los Padres National Forest. A Type 1 Incident Management team
(Gelobter) is assigned. This fire is burning ten miles north of Ojai, CA
in decadent chaparral, pinyon pine and juniper. Spotting and isolated
torching on the north flank were observed. The fire spread to the north
and northeast. Crews are constructing fireline on the north, southeast and
south flanks. High winds and low relative humidity are hampering
containment efforts. Structure protection is in place for numerous
structures and improvements that are threatened in the Howard Creek, Mutau
Flats and Rose Valley areas. Matilija Canyon Road remains closed to non
local traffic. The Sespe, Matilija and Dick Smith Wilderness Areas are

COPPER, Angeles National Forest. A Type 2 Incident Management Team
(Dietrich) is assigned. This fire started within the city limits of
Saugus, CA and is burning north and northeast in decadent chaparral. Crews
made good progress on the north and east flanks. The threat to the
communities of Lake Hughes, Lake Elizabeth and Leona Valley, and high
voltage power lines serving the Los Angeles basin has been greatly
reduced. Structure protection is in place.

DAVIS, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, San Luis
Obispo Unit. This fire is burning in grass six miles east of Shandon, CA.
High winds are hampering containment efforts.

WK HILL/33, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Fresno-
Kings Unit. Burning in annual and perennial grasses, this fire is near
Coalinga, CA. An old oilfield with numerous pipes and construction
equipment is in the fire's vicinity. Crews are completing line
construction and mopping up. :D